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Crypto currencies

September 2023

From now on, you can use cryptocurrencies to make purchases in our boutiques, as well as directly in our e-shop. To make cryptocurrency payments, simply select the “Crypto Payment” option during checkout and follow the instructions. Explore our collections and discover the seamless convenience of using cryptocurrency for your shopping experience at Gübelin.



September 2023
The House of Gübelin is delighted to share the new Deeply Inspired magazine with you.


Zurich Film Festival

August 2023

The House of Gübelin is delighted to announce its partnership with the Zurich Film Festival. With our goal of bringing together the art of filmmaking and film enthusiasts, we are pleased to be a part of this emotional and inspiring event.

The 19th Zurich Film Festival will take place from 28 September to 8 October 2023.

New opening

Gübelin Gem Museum

July 2023

The House Gübelin unveils a new inspiring setting! Discover the Gübelin Gemstone Museum on Schwanenplatz in Lucerne, which is also the home of the Gübelin Academy - a versatile destination to immerse yourself in the world of gemstones.

100th anniversary Gübelin Gem Lab

A new milestone

February 2023

The Gübelin Gem Lab is celebrating its 100th anniversary while presenting the future of gemmology with Gemtelligence. Gemtelligence ensures consistency in analyses of coloured gemstones and, for the first time, determines the origin of emeralds, rubies and sapphires using artificial intelligence and deep learning.



January 2023

Gübelin Jewellery is once again a partner of the artgenève art fair, an established institution on the Swiss art scene. As part of the artgenève art fair, Gübelin Jewellery presents in collaboration with the artist Nikolai Winter the «Royal Allure» cocktail ring, together with Nikolai's art piece of the series «Luxury Goods».

Sustainable Jewellery

Greenland Rubies

January 2023

Gübelin Jewellery introduces a new ring collection featuring rubies from Greenland. Each piece of jewellery features a glistening Greenlandic ruby as the focal point. The gemstones and gold used are all from sustainable and RJC-certified sources. In addition, 10% of all sales will be donated to the PinkPolarBear Foundation.



November 2022
The House of Gübelin is delighted to share the new Deeply Inspired magazine with you.

New Opening

TimeVallée Lucerne

July 2022

The House of Gübelin proudly present its partnership with TimeVallée and announces the opening on the 27th of July of the first TimeVallée flagship store in Switzerland. 

The House of Gübelin

Diving into blue

April 2022

Over the next 2 years, the House of Gübelin will be focusing on the magnificent blue stones and fascinating timepieces.

Gübelin Jewellery at

artgenève 2022

March 2022
The House of Gübelin carefully fosters its deep relationship with art and culture. As an official partner of the artgenève, Gübelin Jewellery presents a cooperation with the artist Thomas Liu Le Lann at this year's art fair. The masterpiece «Flaming Grace» and the unique piece «Before Shade and Indifference; Kunstbot IV; Aurora Capsule», both inspired by a precious padparadscha sapphire, were the result of this project. 

Gübelin Jewellery at

Globus Geneva

January 2022
Discover Gübelin Jewellery at Globus Geneva.


2021 Edition

November 2021
The House of Gübelin is delighted to share the new Deeply Inspired magazine with you.

We remain at your service

Our online services

January 2021
Explore our e-boutique and discover our new Click & Collect service. 

Gübelin Academy

Goes online

January 2021
Inspiration and knowledge online – the Gübelin Academy expands its course offering digitally with “The Basics”

Deeply Inspired Magazine

New Edition

November 2020
The House of Gübelin is delighted to share the new Deeply Inspired magazine with you.


Gemstone Rating

November 2020
The House of Gübelin is proud to announce the launch of a completely novel, comprehensive rating system for coloured gemstones – the Gübelin Gemstone Rating. It will give gemstone enthusiasts and professionals simple orientation on the overall perception of a gem; expressed in Gübelin Points.

Patek Philippe


July 2020
At the Hong Kong Watch Auction: X held by Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo on 10 July 2020, one of the highlights was undoubtedly the Patek Philippe ref. 3448/14 from 1975, double-signed by Gübelin.

Inspiration from deep within

Gübelin & Akris

July 2020
A spectacular microphotography revealing the inner life of a rare padparadscha sapphire inspired Gübelin Jewellery and Akris to collaborate, resulting in the Capsule Collection "Lily Dew" and the Collectors Scarf 2020.

Deeply Inspired Magazine

New Edition

June 2020
Discover the newest edition of our Deeply Inspired Magazine and explore the magnificent beauty of coloured gemstones.

Our boutiques are


May 2020
Discover all about our new opening hours as well as the measures we have put in place to ensure your continued security and comfort in our boutiques.

Important update from the

House of Gübelin

March 2020
Read the newest update from the House of Gübelin concerning the present situation in Switzerland.