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Deeply Inspired Magazine

New Edition

Discover the newest edition of our Deeply Inspired Magazine and explore the magnificent beauty of coloured gemstones.

Our boutiques are


May 2020
Discover all about our new opening hours as well as the measures we have put in place to ensure your continued security and comfort in our boutiques.

Important update from the

House of Gübelin

March 2020
Read the newest update from the House of Gübelin concerning the present situation in Switzerland. 

Jewellery Exhibition

St. Moritz

January 2020
The House of Gübelin and the Badrutt's Palace Hotel invite to an extraordinary jewellery exhibition in St. Moritz from the 31st January until the 9th February.

Gübelin Jewellery at


January 2020
The House of Gübelin carefully fosters its deep relationship with art and culture. As an official partner of the artgenève, Gübelin Jewellery presents a cooperation with the artist Miriam Laura Leonardi at this year's art fair. The masterpiece «Blushing Wing» and the unique pieces «Dial M for Slippers», both inspired by a precious padparadscha sapphire, were the result of this project. 

Gübelin Lucerne

Symphony Ball

December 2019
For the second time in a row, the House of Gübelin and the Luzerner Sinfonieorchester have presented an elegant benefit gala. On 30 November 2019, around 260 friends and culture aficionados attended the Gübelin Lucerne Symphony Ball to support youth development initiatives, surrounded by representatives of high society. The charity event was an outstanding success, raising over 72,000 CHF.

Deeply Inspired Magazine

New Edition

November 2019
Discover the newest edition of our Deeply Inspired Magazine and explore the magnificent beauty of the rare padparadscha sapphire.

Gübelin unveils


October 2019
The House of Gübelin has celebrated the launch of its new Aurora world of precious jewellery with friends of the House.

Gübelin Academy welcomes

Fan Bingbing

October 2019
Actress Fan Bingbing entered into the Gübelin Academy’s wonderful world of coloured gemstones in Shanghai.

In boutiques now

The new Velvet Paraiba

August 2019
Experience the unique cooperation between the House of Gübelin and Roger Dubuis. The two houses have let themselves be inspired by the inner world of a graceful Paraiba tourmaline to create true works of art.

Chanel & Gübelin present

The J12 Relaunched

May 2019
Chanel and Gübelin celebrated together with esteemed guests the relaunch of the iconic Chanel J12 timepiece. Enjoy the impressions of this special summertime event.

Deeply Inspired


May 2019
In the newest issue of our Deeply Inspired magazine, we have let ourselves be inspired by the divine sapphire's mesmerising multitude of colours and the craftsmanship behind stunning bespoke creations. Discover the feminine elegance of Gübelin Jewellery, the fascinating story behind the unique piece "Hidden Treasures by Shafira" and captivating articles about gemstones, their origin and their unsurpassed variety of colours.

Zurich Opera Ball


May 2019
The House of Gübelin organised several events for esteemed guests and participants of this year's Zurich Opera Ball. Relive these inspiring occasions by clicking on the link bellow. 

Gübelin at the

Zurich Opera Ball

March 2019
Enjoy magical impressions of this year's Zurich Opera Ball with the House of Gübelin.

Provenance Proof


January 2019
First blockchain for coloured gemstones – Provenance Proof Blockchain enables transparency for the entire gem and jewellery industry.

Gübelin at the

Art Gèneve

January 2019
Art, design and craftsmanship - Gübelin Jewellery presents its art cooperation at this year's Art Genève

Mystical Journey to


October 2018
On the 25th of October 2018, the House of Gübelin invited guests to experience a fascinating voyage on the trail of Eduard Josef Gübelin.