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The people at Gübelin, from our talents in the category and product management, in our human ressources department, marketing, gemmological laboratory and IT, as well as our internal visual merchandise experts, our boutique staff over to our artisans, share and drive the company's vision.

Every single employee fuels the international success of the House known for exquisite quality, tradition and creativity.

We are always looking for talented experts with a proven track record who want to work in the luxury industry and want to become part of our family-owned House.



The people at the House of Gübelin live the company philosophy “Deeply Inspired”, we passionately share a deep understanding for the core values authenticity, expertise and inspiration. As an internationally operating company that values and thrives because of intensive intercultural exchange, creativity and craftsmanship, our workforce consists of experts from all over the world. All of them esteemed within their respective fields, they share a powerful desire to achieve excellence in their specific area of expertise.



Although the House of Gübelin has its roots in the scenic city of Lucerne, Switzerland, it has grown to be a truly international company within the last century-and-a-half. With our boutiques, gemmological laboratories and other footholds in locations like New York and Hong Kong, Gübelin offers an international environment for employees. This gives the people at Gübelin the unique chance to pursue international as well as locally oriented careers within diverse and international teams.

Tradition meets


The time-honoured skills of gem-setting and jewellery making, honed and improved over centuries, find their culmination with the aid of highest technology at the House of Gübelin. While skilled craftsmen are still today working the filigree jewels by hand and designers create their vision in hand-drawn scetches, modern technologies like 3-D computer modelling and printing as well as laser powered tools help the artisans create the most intricate works of art possible today. This union of time-honoured craftsmanship and the wonders of modern technology is reflected in the Gübelin Gem Lab’s daily work, where our scientists constantly work with state-of-the-art tools and are at the forefront of gemmological research. The House combines its strong connection to science with tradition and deep inspiration in everything it does. 


Young Talents

The passing of knowledge from master to student is a cornerstone of Gübelin's tradition. We highly value the transmission of skills to the next generation. This is why we offer apprenticeships in the majority of our departments. These include the training of future gem-setters, goldsmiths and watchmakers, but also the education of boutique staff and commercial apprentices.



During their first three months, all new employees at Gübelin profit from a comprehensive introductory program. During these first weeks, you will visit the different departments that are part of the House of Gübelin and take part in an extensive introduction into their functions and responsibilities. With our mentor principle, an experienced member of your new team will guide you through the first months in your new position and will be at your disposal for any questions or requests you may have. Regular feedback meetings with your superior and the HR department ensure your successful entry into the wonderful world of exquisite gemstones, divine jewellery, magnificent timepieces and deep-felt inspiration that is the House of Gübelin.

Personal & Professional


Giving opportunities for inspiring career paths is at the heart of our family-owned House. Gübelin is committed to foster talent, creativity and of course professional advancement. Empowering and developing talents further at Gübelin comes in the form of varied fields of work, training courses, mentorships and much more.

We offer our employees advanced training courses. They include trainings at the Gübelin Academy, in which staff members learn about coloured gemstones, their history and the science behind their identification. Further training opportunities include leadership courses as well as regular E-Learning sessions that ensure the steady development of Gübelin's most valuable assets, its employees.

Code of


The House of Gübelin operates under a stringent code of conduct, based on our core values - authenticity, expertise and inspiration. Learn more about how we implement this code under the link below.


Human Resources

Join our team and profit from attractive employment terms and the benefits that come with working in the inspiring luxury industry.

If you are interested in learning more about our unique job opportunities, employee development programs and industry benefits; our human resources team, led by Vice President Corporate Services Hanspeter Abegg, is always dedicated to find new talents.