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This notion of being deeply inspired runs through Gübelin at all levels. As gemmologists, Gübelin is inspired by the magnificent gems nature has created. It is passionate to learn all it can about them, to unravel their mysteries, and to share what it knows.


In jewellery, Gübelin is inspired by the stones it uses, striving to tell their unique stories through the means of its creations. It is also inspired by the great traditions of jewellery making, and cares – deeply – about its craft.


As horologists Gübelin is inspired by the measurement of time. It is one of the oldest and most fascinating of human arts, combining aesthetic beauty, ingenuity, and great skill. A fine object, truly appreciated, brings us pleasure because it helps us connect. This inspiration is reflected in the carefully selected watch brand portfolio represented in Gübelin’s Swiss boutiques.


Finally, as retailers Gübelin works hard to provide the best possible service and to share its inspiration with its customers – providing them with beautiful objects that will bring them pleasure and be meaningful to them a lifetime long.

Deeply Inspired

Real beauty, it is often said, lies not on the surface but deep inside. In a similar way, Gübelin strongly believes that true luxury is not just about possessing a thing. It is also about understanding and appreciating its qualities, both external and internal. A fine object, truly appreciated, brings us pleasure because it helps us connect – to the world, to other people, to ourselves. To be deeply inspired means to be dedicated to the search for such connections.