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A solitaire is probably the most classic example of an engagement ring. One single stone is held in place by three, four or six prongs on an elegant gold or platinum ring. This design emphasises the precious gemstone elegantly and makes it the centre of attention. Especially suited for women who appreciate a classic, timeless look, this style of engagement ring can be found all around the world and is a beautiful way to honour a promise that will unite you for the rest of your lives.

Our Solitaire

Engagement Rings

Solitaire ring with diamond
Solitaire ring with diamond
Solitaire ring with diamond

Multiple Stone

Engagement Ring

Engagement rings with multiple gemstones can trace back their origin for hundreds of years. In these times, opulent engagement rings featuring many gemstones of different colours would adorn the hands of aristocratic or high born women. Although, these colourful jewels are rarely seen these days, many future brides fall in love with the unique symmetry that an engagement ring set with three diamonds, one larger and two smaller ones, provides.



Pavé describes a way of decorating the metal on a piece of jewellery with many small gemstones. Other than with a halo, which is a special form of Pavé, these gemstones can be placed all over the jewel and often encrust the band itself. In engagement rings, diamonds are often used in this way to lend additional radiance to the whole composition. Of course there also exist hybrids of the mentioned styles, like in a solitaire engagement ring with a Pavé band, which is a popular choice due to its combination of timeless elegance and unique sparkle.

Our Pavé

Engagement Rings

Solitaire diamond ring
Solitaire ring with diamonds
Solitaire ring with diamonds
Ring with diamonds
Eternity ring with diamonds



Of course, engagement rings can take almost any form imaginable. If you would like to be involved in the complete design of your loved one’s new treasure, you can take advantage of the House of Gübelin’s unique bespoke service. Discuss your ideas and wishes with our expert designers, gem setters and goldsmiths to ensure this most important of jewels is exactly what she always dreamed it would be.

Diamonds or

Coloured Gemstones?

For centuries it was traditional for engagement rings to feature coloured gemstones. Indeed, the appeal of using coloured gems in engagement rings, seems obvious. It was a way to emphasise a special part of the relationship, since different colours have long symbolised various aspects of human life. In the last few years however, the public mood has begun to swing back slightly and we see more and more coloured gemstones being set into engagement rings to propose marriage once more. If you are considering coloured gemstones for your engagement ring, we suggest to either go for rubies, emeralds or sapphires


The right Gemstone

Buying an engagement ring can seem a daunting task. But with some background knowledge, you will be prepared to voice your wishes in the jewellery boutique, discuss certain important quality criteria with its staff and receive the best service possible while choosing the perfect engagement ring. With diamonds, there are four major aspects that influence their value and should be considered, the so called four C’s. Although these criteria stem from the value determination of diamonds, they are no less important when judging coloured gemstones. The one additional factor for coloured gems will conclude this brief journey into the world of gemstone valuation.



Now that you know which gemstone will be set in which style, you will have to make the next decision about her astonishing engagement ring. What material should the band be made out of. Usually when talking about engagement rings, there are four popular options, yellow gold, white gold, red gold and platinum. The fifth and less common option is silver. Since silver is a softer metal than the others and tends to tarnish faster, it is rarely used in engagement rings. Especially when considering that the material has the duty of holding the precious centre stone, one does not want to risk using a metal that is notorious for being weaker than both gold and platinum. But which of the other four options should you choose? The first thing you will have to decide upon is the colour of the ring