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Ring size


Rings are truly special treasures and often full of personal meaning and emotions. It would be a shame therefore to abandon this precious jewel if it has become too loose or tight during the years on your or your loved one's finger. Our expert goldsmiths are looking forward to advising you on how rings can be altered to once again snuggly fit the hand of their owner and they are more than happy to perform the necessary adjustments for you.



Jewellery is meant to be worn and enjoyed. But this means that links on a necklace can break, a ring band can be scratched and a gemstone can be chipped. Our skilled artisans are expertly trained to asses such cases, present to you options for repair and restore your treasured jewel. Simply bring your ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet to one of our boutiques and let our goldsmiths and gem setters restore their former beauty. 



Not even precious jewels are speared from effects of time. After years and decades, when a treasured white gold ring has lost its glimmer or the platinum necklace its glitter, it might be time to consider a refresh for your jewel. Most jewels can, after polishing or rhodium plating, shine again in their original beauty.



With our Bespoke Jewellery, we are delighted to offer a unique involvement with our refined art of craftsmanship. Learn more about the House of Gübelin's unique Bespoke Service.