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Our values in the

code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct is based on our core values -authenticity, expertise and inspiration- and our Deeply Inspired Philosophy. Our Code of Conduct provides guidance for ethical decision-making and behaviour. It reflects our commitment to doing what is right and following the law.

Authenticity in our Code of Conduct refers to transparency in our business practices; it means acting with honesty and integrity and building trust for our employees, our partners and our consumers.  We are dedicated to creating transparent processes, procedures and support mechanisms to fulfil our commitment. 

Expertise in our Code of Conduct refers to the depth of knowledge in our métier and empowerment through education.

Expertise means we delve into all aspects of our métier in order to deliver the very best results, making the most qualified recommendations and decisions for the business.

Inspiration in our Code of Conduct is the connection of our vision, our mission and core values.

The connection of these three elements defines why we exist, where we are going and how we will get there. At Gübelin, we know connection is a source of inspiration.


Vision & Mission

We challenge ourselves to find innovative and creative means to strengthen connection with our consumer, one another, our brand and the world, inspiring and cultivating a community of gem enthusiasts, enhancing society and the environment.

Gübelin customers can rely on the highest level of expertise, authenticity and transparency. For them we create unique jewellery, offer exclusive timepieces and innovative services. We share our passion and knowledge with our deeply inspired products.

The Swiss, independent, family owned and -run House of Gübelin is recognized and admired internationally for its passion and expertise for gemstones, jewellery and timepieces, manifested in our creations and craftsmanship, science and education, retail and trade.

The House of Gübelin is synonymous with artisanship and invention, imagination and trust, connection and wisdom.

Our growth is grounded in our values guiding and deeply inspiring our actions, working towards our legacy



We strive to create an environment where Gübelin employees feel good about where they work, find safety & respect among their co-workers and have the freedom to be who they are.



We respect and maintain the confidentiality of Company information and of any other third party acquired in the course of our duties except when expressly authorized by Company policy or legally obligated to disclose such.


the environment

We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and we provide employees with training and information on environmental risks and the management of hazardous substances, waste, emissions and natural resources.



We must always promote honest and ethical conduct, including addressing or disclosing actual or apparent conflicts of interest in personal and professional relationships in accordance with applicable ethical standards and laws.

We maintain effective controls over financial reporting to ensure a complete and accurate record of our financial transactions. We ensure that any data, information or records which we create, or for which we are responsible, are true and fair. We comply with applicable laws, internal accounting and reporting guidelines and external financial and non-financial reporting standards.



We encourage our business partners to adhere to our Code of Conduct. We expect them to comply with applicable laws, regulations, industry codes and contractual terms, as well as with generally accepted sustainability standards.



We do not engage in business that could compromise Gübelin’s integrity. We conduct business in accordance with International Regulations and Swiss Law. 



We offer training to employees in Emergency Procedures, Health & Safety at work, Diversity & Inclusion, Grievance Procedures and Financial Integrity. We offer Career & Leadership Coaching. We support any employees desire to develop themselves through further education.

At Gübelin, we know that Coaching, Training and Education build confidence, trust in, and commitment to, the integrity of the company.