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The magic of

Coloured Gemstones

“Who has not been drawn to the magic and beauty of precious stones? For centuries, people have been excited and enchanted by their sparkle and brilliance, the depth of their colours, the dazzle of their facets and faces, their natural beauty and intrinsic value.”

Dr. Eduard Josef Gübelin


Bespoke Creation

With our Bespoke Jewellery, we are delighted to offer a unique involvement with our refined art of craftsmanship. Sharing our expertise and our passion for beauty, we will develop your bespoke piece of jewellery with you involved in every step of the process. Together, we will capture the individual soul of your chosen gemstones and take their fascinating inner world as a unique source of inspiration. Our team of highly experienced designers, jewellers, goldsmiths and gem-setters will help you develop a unique piece, inspired by your gemstone’s unique inclusions. Your personalised piece of jewellery will also be accompanied by a professional Gemmological Report issued by the Gübelin Gem Lab, an independent subsidiary of Gübelin.

Collection of


At the House of Gübelin, we have been examining, designing and crafting coloured gemstones for almost a century. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are our specialities. We serve an exclusive clientele who share our passion for gems, timeless perfection and outstanding craftsmanship. Thanks to our long-standing partners in the gemstone trade, our precious stones are always of the highest quality. We also operate one of the world's most renowned gemmological laboratories, providing expert opinions and peace of mind to gemstone dealers, auction houses, collectors and jewellery enthusiasts all over the world.


Inner Beauty

Each gem harbours a mysterious world hidden deep within. This complexity adds a fascinating dimension to the gem's external beauty. Welcome to the world of inclusions. Beholding the elegance of an exquisite emerald, ruby or sapphire is one of nature's great aesthetic pleasures. To delve into the hidden realm beneath its surface and witness galaxies of colours, shapes and breath-taking patterns is to experience the wonders of the Earth as never before. Unlike diamonds, the remarkable inclusions inside coloured gemstones are a vital component of their origin.

Source of


Inclusions are characteristic traits that tell the stories behind the gemstone. These distinctive markers make each gem unique and allow us to trace their personal history throughout the past millennia. They tell us which minerals and elements were present during the formation of the stones and provide valuable information about their surrounding environment. Breathtakingly beautiful, inclusions serve as a source of endless inspiration. Our experts will help you discover the hidden complexities within your favourite Gübelin gems. Our expertise and superior stones will allow you to see beauty in a whole new light.


Your Imagination

Under the microscope, your chosen gemstone will reveal a wealth of fascinating forms, shapes and colours. Inspired by the inner world our designers will present you with a series of proposals, each guaranteed to present the cut of your gem in the best possible light. We highly value your input at this stage and invite you to select your favourite sketch.

The Art of


Your Bespoke jewellery will be brought to life in our atelier in Switzerland, from the initial idea to the design, prototype and finished piece. Our master jewellers, goldsmiths and gem setters are experts in their trade and each of their artful creations is meticulously reviewed before progressing to the next stage of production. A final examination is conducted using a microscope to ensure no stone is left unturned. This assiduous attention to detail and our stringent quality standards are evident in every piece of Gübelin jewellery.