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The Royal Allure cocktail ring is inspired by the inner world of a rare Burmese sapphire. With the aid of a microscope, the Gübelin Jewellery designers immersed themselves deep into the gemstone, where they discovered geometric structures that reminded them of inflorescences on a rosewood plant, the national flower of Burma (Myanmar). With the Royal Allure cocktail ring, Gübelin Jewellery presents for the first time a piece to be worn as a two-finger ring.




As a reference to the delicate, radiant yellow blossoms and slender green twigs of the rosewood flower, the Gübelin Jewellery atelier chose yellow sapphires and tsavorites in finely gradated shades of green for the two-finger ring. It is also set with diamonds, which radiate light and a sense of ease. Yellow sapphires and marquise shape diamonds symbolise the rosewood in full bloom, framed by entourages set with more yellow sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds, outlining the shape of the blossoms.

The Gübelin Signature

Iconic Ruby

Prominently placed, the iconic ruby, glistens on the organically curved ring band and along the side of the solitaire ring setting. The ruby is known as the King of Gemstones and is associated with love and passion. At the same time, it symbolises Gübelin Jewellery's passion for coloured gemstones.

Sapphire of Burma

Crafts &


The sculptural cocktail ring consists of a classical platinum solitaire ring as well as a creative two-finger ring of yellow gold. This allows the jewellery to be worn in three different ways: as a cocktail ring, artfully combining both rings, as a classical sapphire solitaire ring or separately as a modern two-finger ring. This precious gem was designed and crafted with the utmost care and attention to every detail by creative designers, goldsmiths, and gemstone setters.



The cocktail ring delights with an interplay of colours and shapes, commonalities and contrasts. Gübelin jewellers are renowned as virtuosos for their work with coloured gemstones as well as their high level of expertise and experience. The jewellers combine a deep understanding of both their art and their craft in arranging coloured gems in exciting colour combinations, bringing together complimentary colours to create a harmonious composition.



The sculptural cocktail ring is a divine jewel in platinum and yellow gold. The rare 7.00 ct Burmese sapphire lends a further facet by entering into delightful plays of colour with the complementary 74 yellow sapphires and 224 diamonds, together with 33 tsavorites in finely gradated shades of green. This ring truly celebrates the grace and colours of the beautiful Burmese national flower.


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