Complete Maintenance Service

Every four to five years, a general maintenance and complete service is due for any kind of timepiece. The watch is disassembled and meticulously cleaned by the skilled hands of our experts using a combination of modern equipment and time honoured methods, perfected by generations of watchmakers. Worn out pieces are replaced in accordance with the guidelines of each individual watch brand. Since our watchmakers work in close cooperation with our skilled Gübelin goldsmiths, even damaged cases can be expertly repaired and brought back to appear as they did on the day of purchase. Afterwards, the timepiece is reassembled and the long procedure of testing begins. Since our watchmakers want to make sure that each and every piece is in perfect working condition, this process actually takes up more time than the service itself. It is however necessary to guarantee the service`s success and to ensure the high quality standards, Gübelin watchmakers adhere to.