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Signature Stone

The Ruby

With its intense red colour, the unique ruby embodies undying love and pure passion. It is no coincidence, therefore, that this particular gemstone has become the signature stone of the House of Gübelin, symbolising the way we find inspiration in beauty and knowledge alike. Whether as a focal point or gently hidden in the jewel, discover the magnificent rubies set into every precious Gübelin creation.


Symbol of a philosophy

Deeply Inspired

The House of Gübelin's Deeply Inspired philosophy stands for the way we find inspiration in both beauty and knowledge.

The skilled artisans in our jewellery atelier in Lucerne honour this philosophy by focusing their talents on honing and perfecting the intricate arts and traditions of Haute Joaillerie. As a symbol of this deep-felt dedication to the highest quality and inspiration, each jewel that leaves the atelier is set with a single ruby that marks it as a true Gübelin creation.

What does

the ruby stand for?

The ruby was once thought to aid in the physical healing of the heart and blood. This influenced its more recent association with the emotions of love, romance, and passion. This exquisite gemstone is also associated with power, courage, and even royalty in some cultures.

Discover Unique

Ruby Jewellery

The ruby shines in an enchanting red glow and is set as a centre stone in some of the most beautiful Gübelin jewels. Its timeless beauty and fiery red colour emphasise passionate femininity in the most beautiful way.

beautiful designs

By Gübelin

Earrings with rubies
Earrings with rubies
Ring with rubies