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For more than 160 years, Gübelin has stood for its expertise in the world of watchmaking. Since opening the first watchmaker`s shop in the Swiss city of Lucerne, the House has been at the forefront of technological achievements while honouring the ancient principles of craftsmanship that were perfected by master watchmakers over centuries. 
The Houses dedication to the craft of watchmaking, probably best symbolised by the famous world clock, located in the transit area of the Lucerne train station, is felt every day in its workshops and boutiques all over Switzerland. Much pride is derived from the many partnerships with highest quality watch brands for which Gübelin is certified to carry out the most complex of services.




Watchmakers have to study their craft all their life. After completing their apprenticeship, they are further educated by individual watch manufacturers to gain special certificates that allow them to perform intricate services on the most complicated timepieces. While Gübelin watchmakers are trained in the service of a multitude of watch brands, they are especially proud to count the most highly certified individuals for the brands Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Glashütte Original and Omega to their ranks. These specialist watchmakers complete regular courses and work closely with the manufacturers to keep up to date and retain the highest degree of certification the brands issue to external experts. Even beyond services and maintenance, the Gübelin watchmakers are trained in the subtle craft of restoration. Vintage wristwatches and even pocket or table watches can be renewed and brought back to regain their former allure.


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Our passion for the complex world of timepieces can be closely experienced by engaging with our expert boutique staff. Gübelin handpicks these highly trained specialists based on their experience and high level of professionalism. Visit a Gübelin boutique and let yourself be inspired by expertise, emotion and an unparalleled passion for the world of haute horlogerie.