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Vintage Jewellery


The beauty of jewellery is that it rarely owned solely by the generation it was made for. It is passed down within families, has wondrous adventures, witnesses life's most precious moments and often finds itself, decades or even centuries later, in the hands of descendants or enthusiasts who wish to know more about its history and value. This is the field of Edigem, an independent subsidiary of Gübelin. Its experts are educated in the field of gemmology and have made it their lives' ambition to learn all there is to know about antique and vintage jewellery. Ensuring highest discretion, our experts specialise in the acquisition, the sale and the appraisal of precious jewels. If you are interested in learning more about your precious jewels and their value or would like to part with a piece or two, you will be delighted by Edigem's services and expertise.