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The collaboration with other tradition-rich family houses and artists is deeply ingrained into Gübelin's DNA. This year, the spectacular microphotography of a rare padparadscha sapphire has inspired the cooperation between the House of Gübelin and Akris, the renowned Swiss fashion brand. 

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Lily Dew

Deeply moved by the unique vistas inside the precious gemstone from the island of Sri Lanka, the House of Gübelin's designers created the capsule collection "Lily Dew". Interpreting the tender rounded shapes as droplets of water resting peacefully on the petals of a lily blossom, they created stunning jewellery pieces that mirror the fascinating inner world of the rare padparadscha sapphire. Beautiful sapphire, tourmaline and amethyst cabochons are embraced by scintillating diamonds, representing the dew drops glittering on the precious flower. These precious new jewels will be available online and in our boutiques in autumn 2020.


Creativity & Sophistication

Albert Kriemler, Creative Director of Akris, draws inspiration for his designs from art, architecture and nature - and now also from the inner world of gemstones. His designs are often based on photographs, which he translates into sophisticated clothing and accessories. For this year's Collectors Scarf, he was inspired by a microphotography that shows the magical inner life of a padparadscha sapphire. The magical shapes and colours emerge from deep within the precious gemstone to decorate the narrow silk ribbon or twilly, which can be worn as a multifaceted accessory, the scarf with the classic dimensions 90x90 cm as well as the particularly luxurious version with generous measures of 140x140 cm made of pure silk.