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Gemmological Research

The Gübelin Gem Lab stands at the forefront of gemmological research and makes use of state-of-the-art technologies in the field of chemical and spectroscopic analyses of gemstones.

The intense use of various analytical technologies for the past decades has allowed the Gübelin Gem Lab to develop methods which serve as industry standards today.

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Scientific Research

Insights gleaned from the Gübelin Gem Lab's research are disseminated by means of publications as well as presentations published in scientific journals for an academic audience, and in magazines and news journals for the gemstone trade professional, the retailer and the broader public.

Furthermore, Gübelin is supporting MSc/PhD students or post-doctoral researchers in the fields of earth sciences with the Dr. Eduard Gübelin Research Scholarship, which is an annual grant allocated to an innovative research project in the field of gemmology awarded by The Dr. Eduard Gübelin Association for Research & Identification of Precious Stones – a non-profit entity of the Gübelin Group.