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Lily Dew

The structures deep within a padparadscha sapphire reminded the Gübelin Jewellery designers of delicate drops of dew on a lily, glistening in the morning sun. Lily Dew is characterised by cabochon-cut coloured gems combined with sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds.

The Lily Dew


Tourmaline ring
Tourmaline ring
Tourmaline ring
Tourmaline necklace
Earrings with tourmalines
Earrings with aquamarines
Earrings with morganites



Luxurious earrings are a wonderful way to incorporate beauty into daily life. Inspired by the gifts of nature, skilled Gübelin artisans create these majestic pieces, treasures in gold and conjure drop earrings, studs and other classic silhouettes. 



Elegant and refined, the unique Gübelin rings for women shine in lustrous gold, set with precious gemstones. Elegant pieces, elaborate creations or provocative jewels as well as tokens of affection such as eternity bands or diamond solitaires celebrate life’s precious moments. Some great stories, are after all, said to have started with a ring.


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Ring with sapphires
Ring with tourmaline
Ring with sapphire
Sapphire ring
Ring with tourmaline