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The Sparks line is inspired by the spectacular colours, shapes and sparks within a ruby. Our designers discovered a subtle play of lights, reminiscent of brilliant fireworks. Discover our rings, drop earrings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles in a sparkling contemporary language of design.

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Ear charms with tanzanites
Ring with coloured gemstones
Chandelier earrings with morganites
Bangle with coloured gemstones
Necklace with various gemstones
Ring with mandarin garnet
Necklace with tourmaline
Necklace with tourmaline

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The structures deep within a padparadscha sapphire reminded the Gübelin Jewellery designers of delicate drops of dew on a lily, glistening in the morning sun. Lily is characterised by cabochon-cut coloured gems combined with sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds.

Gübelin Jewellery


Glance into the depths of the magnificent sapphire and experience the divine colours of mysterious oceans, deep lakes and flowing rivers.

Jewels with


Sapphire necklace
Sapphire ring
Earrings with sapphires
Ring with sapphire