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Gübelin Jewellery


Elegant and refined, the unique Gübelin rings for women shine in lustrous platinum or gold and are set with the most precious of gemstones.

A unique collaboration

Gübelin & Akris

A spectacular microphotography revealing the inner life of a rare padparadscha sapphire inspired Gübelin Jewellery and Akris to collaborate, resulting in the Capsule Collection "Lily Dew" and the Collectors Scarf 2020.

Gübelin Jewellery

Sparks of Fire

Gübelin designers captured the precious inclusions in a ruby in finely coloured rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, precious talismans reminding us of the fires of creation. They can be worn singly or mixed and matched. 



Discover the magnificent Sparks of Fire line.

Bracelet with coloured gemstones
Ring with tanzanite
Ring with aquamarine
Earrings with morganites
Necklace with tourmaline
Ring with coloured gemstones

Gemstone Origins


Mysterious as the deepest forest, the emerald symbolises eternal youth and prosperity. Discover the natural beauty of the country that is, more than any other, connected to the marvelous gemstone of eternal springtime.

Gübelin Jewellery

Bridal & Celebration

Gübelin Jewellery honours special moments in life with pieces commemorating a joyous occasion or symbolizing a treasured union. Discover our precious Bridal & Celebration collection. 



Diamond ring
Diamond necklace
Wedding band with diamonds
Solitaire ring with diamonds
Riviere bracelet with diamonds