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Gübelin Jewellery

Discover mesmerizing jewellery, featuring the magnificent ruby.

Our new world


Inspired by the mesmerising ambiance of a sunrise over the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, our new Aurora world of precious jewellery came to life. Experience unique jewellery pieces and the rare fancy coloured sapphires at the centre of this enchanting world.

Gübelin Jewellery


Reflecting the lights of this special season, scintillating diamonds are shimmering in precious jewels. Discover unparalleled radiance in the House of Gübelin's unique selection of diamond jewellery.

Gübelin Jewellery

Splendid Feather

Ring with padparadscha sapphire
Sapphire earrings
Ring with padparadscha sapphire
Sapphire bracelet
Sapphire ring

Gemstone Origins

Sri Lanka

Discover the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Let yourself be enchanted by a country full of colours and with one of the richest heritages in gemstone mining in the world.

The Gübelin


The exterior beauty and shine of a gemstone is only half the story. Discover the unique combination of craftsmanship, knowledge, passion and inspiration that is part of the House of Gübelin.