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Sparks of Fire

The Sparks of Fire line is inspired by the spectacular colours, shapes and sparks within a ruby. Our designers discovered a subtle play of lights, reminiscent of brilliant fireworks. Discover our rings, drop earrings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles in a sparkling contemporary language of design.

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Sparks of Fire

Ear charms with tanzanites
Ring with coloured gemstones
Chandelier earrings with morganites
Bangle with coloured gemstones
Necklace with various gemstones
Ring with mandarin garnet
Necklace with tourmaline
Necklace with tourmaline
Engagement Rings

Gübelin Jewellery


The diamond's inner fire is truly wondrous to behold. Discover divine rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings featuring scintillating diamonds and let yourself be inspired by nature's magnificent beauty.



Elegant and refined, the unique Gübelin rings for women shine in lustrous gold, set with precious gemstones. Elegant pieces, elaborate creations or provocative jewels as well as tokens of affection such as eternity bands or diamond solitaires celebrate life’s precious moments. Some great stories, are after all, said to have started with a ring.


Rings with

outstanding gemstones

Ring with sapphires
Ring with tourmaline
Ring with sapphire
Sapphire ring
Ring with tourmaline

Gübelin Jewellery


Forged by the fires of the earth, the ruby reminds us of love and passion. Explore divine jewellery featuring the King of Gemstones.

Jewels with


Necklace with ruby
Ruby ring
Ruby necklace