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Gübelin Jewellery

Discover our mesmerizing Rings featuring coloured gemstones.

The Line

Grace of the Sea Anemone

Fall in love with the Grace of the Sea Anemone line and discover the unique designs, inspired by the fascinating inner world of a Paraiba tourmaline.

Grace of the

Sea Anemone

Ring with sapphires
Earrings with tourmalines
Necklace with aquamarine
Bracelet with tourmalines
Ring with rubies
Earrings with tourmalines
Bracelet with aquamarines

The intense

Paraiba Tourmaline

Learn more about the unique Paraiba Tourmaline's characteristics.


Jewels with

Burmese Gemstones

Ring with ruby
Necklace with sapphire
Ruby earrings
Ring with sapphire
Ruby necklace
Ruby ring
Sapphire necklace
Bespoke Jewellery