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Our Commitment

At Gübelin Jewellery we are guided by our core values and our ‘Deeply Inspired’ philosophy – they represent our desire for a deeper appreciation and understanding of the cultural and environmental contexts in which our gemstones and precious metals are sourced. Through our commitment to Responsible & Ethical Sourcing, we aspire to be a transformative leader in establishing trust and transparency while embracing the beauty, artistry and science of gemstones; including their origins and those who work in our supply chain. Through our ethical sourcing initiatives, our objective is to enhance the social and environmental conditions within which some of our gemstones are unearthed.



We believe there is a necessity for our industry to embrace transparency and traceability. We intend to be at the forefront of this, supporting transparency in our sourcing through our Provenance Proof initiative and developing new technologies to increase transparency and traceability not only within our own value chains but open to the entire industry. By sharing information transparently, we believe we can be part of changing the industry, improving relationships, and instilling greater fairness throughout the value chain.



At Gübelin Jewellery, it is our responsibility to positively influence the industry in inspiring others to employ transparent sourcing practices. We know it is our duty to evolve and promote our dedication to ethical conduct in our supply chain- we have developed systems and procedures, which are under continuous review for improvement, helping us to get closer to our goal of complete transparency. As we work towards creating change in the trade, recognizing the political, social, economic and environmental complexities in countries where some precious materials are sourced, we conduct Due Diligence with each of our suppliers to reduce, avoid or mitigate risks. As a proud member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) since 2019, we adhere to their Code of Practices (COP 2019) and the standards set by them.


Our Code

Guided by Gübelin Jewellery’s commitment to transparent sourcing practices and to stimulate change in the industry, we have created a supplier code of conduct which our business partners are required to sign.  We believe our Code of Conduct can help promote the protection of human rights and the environment.



Receive our complete and accurate disclosure of all relevant information about our jewellery creations. The Product Disclosure Policy is inspired by our core values and reflects our commitment to ethical & responsible business practices.

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‘Speak Up’ Culture

Gübelin Jewellery is committed to reviewing and addressing any incident or grievances in a timely manner and where further investigation is needed, finding resolution.  We will investigate all grievances that are in the scope of the policies mentioned on this page and are backed by evidence. If you have any concerns about impacts that result from Gübelin Jewellery's policies or behaviours, please do not hesitate to fill out the following form which can be submitted anonymously. As a brand that follows a strict Code of Conduct, Gübelin Jewellery takes these matters seriously. The following statements outline how we handle grievances:

  • Grievances are accepted anonymously.

  • Gübelin Jewellery will not retaliate in any manner against anyone who reports, in good faith, violations or suspected violations of the Gübelin Jewellery Code of Conduct

  • Grievances should be submitted with as much detail about the alleged violation as possible and with any evidence if there is documentation available.

  • Gübelin Jewellery takes grievances seriously and will address any grievance in a timely manner.

  • Whistleblower protections, including maintaining confidentiality of incident source upon request and treating such submissions in a confidential and sensitive manner, unless law requires disclosure, will be offered to those individuals who disclose concerns in good faith and in the reasonable belief of the occurrence of serious malpractice or wrongdoing

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