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At the House of Gübelin, we all passionately share a deep understanding for our core values authenticity, expertise and inspiration. As an international operating company that values and thrives because of intensive intercultural exchange, our workforce consists of experts from all over the world. All of them esteemed within their respective fields, they share a powerful desire to achieve excellence in their craft. To envision, create, service and communicate intricate works of art like timepieces and jewellery requires not only skill, knowledge and experience, but also a certain attitude towards achieving the highest possible goals and a deeply inspired mind-set, to ensure the service our customers have come to expect. 



The work of goldsmiths and gem-setters requires a combination of rare talents, highest standard of education and an extraordinary fascination for artistry, the world of magnificent gemstones and the realm of precious metals. They are crafts which, to this day, are passed down from master to student. 

However, even after the formal education is completed, our artisans are dedicated to spending their lives ever learning, always in the pursuit of higher artistry to create the most magnificent jewels in appreciation of the gifts of nature they have the pleasure to work with every day.  We invite you to experience these venerable crafts and to be inspired by our love for earth's magnificent beauty.



Gemmology, or the study of precious gemstones, is perhaps more closely linked to the House of Gübelin than to any other luxury house in the world.
Pioneering new and exciting directions of the science, the so-called father of modern gemmology Eduard Josef Gübelin was responsible for a major leap in understanding gemstones and the determination of their origin by means of examining their inclusions in the early 20th century. Today, the Gübelin Gem Lab is one of the most renowned gemmological testing institutions for coloured gemstones in the world. Esteemed auction houses such as Christies and Sotheby’s as well as European royalty trust the Gübelin Gem Lab to assess their most precious treasures. Striving to learn ever more about precious gemstones, the Gübelin Gem Lab has successfully provided the trade with methods to increase transparency and social sustainability with their recent Provenance Proof initiative. All Gübelin gemmologists have a degree in earth sciences like Geology, Mineralogy, Crystallography and Geography and are expertly trained in their respective fields of work.



In perfect cooperation with the House’s skilled artisans, our designers are responsible for creating inspired jewellery that accentuates the magnificent beauty of precious gemstones. In a delicate process, our specialists observe every detail of the stones set before them. While their colour, cut and shape play a vital role, our designers are specialised in seeing beauty beyond the surface. The unique inner worlds of coloured gemstones offer inspiration that is unrivalled by anything in the world. From deep within comes the vision to mirror a stone's internal pattern in the ring, necklace, pendant or earring, which is to be the next precious Gübelin creation. We invite you to glance into the depths of nature's marvels and to discover the beauty that lies deep within its most precious treasures.



Gübelin's history starts more than 160 years ago, when a young watchmaker decided to follow his passion and open a small watchmaker’s shop in the scenic Swiss city of Lucerne. His fascination for the complex workings of timepieces, the mechanical challenges that were solved and reinterpreted by generations of watchmakers over centuries, is still alive in the Gübelin Ateliers today. Like goldsmiths and gem-setters, our watchmakers traditionally learn their craft as apprentices directly from their masters. This time-honoured tradition is held high at the House of Gübelin. Skills and knowledge are passed down from one generation to the next. Today our watchmakers count among the most highly experienced and specialised experts in Switzerland and we are proud to be an official partner of Europe's most esteemed watch brands.



Magnificent timepieces and divine jewellery demand for special attention. This is why our watch and jewellery consultants are highly specialised and expertly educated. Our boutique staff does not only know specific details about the Gübelin Jewellery collections and our watch brands but is educated in the care, functionality and even the inspiration behind those precious treasures. We invite you to experience the highest service standards of Gübelin boutiques and to spend blissful moments and stimulating exchanges with our specialists.


The beauty of jewellery is that it is rarely owned solely by the generation it was made for. It is passed down within families, has wondrous adventures, witnesses life's most precious moments and often finds itself, decades or even centuries later, in the hands of descendants or enthusiasts who wish to know more about its history and value. This is the field of Edigem, an independent subsidiary of Gübelin. Our experts are educated in the field of gemmology and have made it their lives' ambition to learn all there is to know about antique and vintage jewellery. Ensuring highest discretion, our experts specialise in the acquisition, the sale and the appraisal of precious jewels. Let yourself be inspired by treasures from the distant past and experience the unrivalled dedication and fascination for the world of historic jewellery.