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Royal Allure


The Royal Allure cocktail ring is inspired by the inner world of a Burmese sapphire of 7 ct (94 Gübelin Points), which Gübelin Gem Lab also awarded the designation “Royal Blue”. The sculptural cocktail ring consists of a classical platinum solitaire ring as well as a creative two-finger ring of yellow gold. This allows the jewellery to be worn in three different ways: as a cocktail ring, artfully combining both rings, as a classical sapphire solitaire ring or separately as a modern two-finger ring. Gübelin Jewellery's design signature, the iconic ruby in cabochon cut, highlights the way the two-finger ring is worn by underscoring the dynamic of the curved ring band.



Gübelin Jewellery is once again a partner of the artgenève art fair, an established institution on the Swiss art scene. The international fair offers a broad spectrum of modern and contemporary art. The personal atmosphere promotes exchange between art aficionados and exhibitors. As part of the artgenève art fair, Gübelin Jewellery will be presenting the Royal Allure cocktail ring together with their latest art collaboration.

The Collaboration


The Swiss artist Nikolai Winter packages icons of luxury and everyday life. In his art he pursues questions of identity and status, sustainability and the zeitgeist of society's consumer culture. His works are influenced by Pop Art and address themes such as the essence and longevity of luxury objects. The shimmering chrome foil around his works of art lends them an aura of timelessness.


The Art piece

Upon interpreting the cocktail ring, Nikolai Winter was inspired to create a further work of art. In doing so, he concentrated on the characteristic language of forms of the solitaire ring and translated it into his art. The classically designed ring with a central stone also contains the iconic ruby, the trade mark of Gübelin Jewellery, present in the ring setting. The artist transports the ring into a new context by vacuum-sealing it. He concentrates on the essence of the ring while exaggerating it at the same time.


The Inspiration

The art collaboration was on display from 26th to 29th January 2023 at the Palexpo in Geneva. During the four-day artgenève fair, art fans were able to discover both the Royal Allure cocktail ring from Gübelin Jewellery and Nikolai Winter's art piece.