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Gübelin highly values the traditional ideals of craftsmanship. This is why the secrets of metalwork, gem setting and jewellery making are still passed down from the masters to the next generation. Mirroring these high expectations concerning artisanship, are Gübelin's standards when it comes to choosing the precious gemstones that find their new homes in a Gübelin jewel.



The padparadscha sapphire inspired the House of Gübelin's collections Splendid feather and Lilly dew. Although minor heat treatments are allowed for such gemstones, Gübelin jewels only feature padparadscha sapphires that have not been heated, nor treated in any other way. This means that only the most exceptional of these already rare gemstones find their way into our Splendid Feather and Rising Lotus creations.



Carefully selected by our gemstone experts, only high quality coloured gemstones from origins particularly known for impeccable quality make it into a Gübelin jewel. Besides exceptional quality, Gübelin predominantly sets untreated gemstones in its jewellery, and rejects gemstones completely, which have undergone more than minimal treatment to emphasize their appearance. With diamonds, Gübelin rejects stones with black inclusions. The clarity grades which are accepted by Gübelin range from “flawless” (FL) to “slightly included 1” (SI1). These standards and other requirements ensure the highest quality that our customers have come to expect.


Gemmological Expertise

Gübelin stands for expertise, for mastery of its art and for profound knowledge of the fields it works in. Underpinning all of this is a feeling of deep inspiration, rooted in a passion for nature, craft, beauty, and knowledge. At the core of this passion lies the deeply earned gemmological expertise, going back more than ninety years. As an independent subsidiary of the House, the Gübelin Gem Lab safeguards trust in gems – but it does much more than this; it warehouses an immense body of knowledge about them.


Design Signature

No matter the centre stone, each Gübelin jewel features a red ruby, symbol of passion and love. The ruby stands for our Deeply Inspired philosophy and the way that we find inspiration in equal parts of beauty and knowledge.


Design & Craftsmanship

Since our foundation, it has been in our Swiss ateliers where Gübelin’s talented jewellery designers created outstanding designs inspired by the uniqueness of gemstones. Working hand in hand with the design team, the Gübelin Atelier’s skilled master craftsmen bring the designs to life and transform them into magnificent works of art.