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The Jewellery


A jewellery passport is issued by the Gübelin Gem Lab for one entire jewel. In it, the authenticity and identity of the most important gemstones set into the jewel are specified. Customers also have the option to test the gemstones for indications of treatment. Because of the high number of gemstones that have to be tested within the scope of a jewellery passport, reduced standards are applied by the Gübelin Gem Lab. As such, this is perfect to present a jewel in its entirety and give a general impression about the authenticity and quality of the stones set into it.

The Gemstone


For a more comprehensive and complete analysis of individual gemstones, the Gübelin Gem Lab offers its signatory gemmological reports. The Gübelin Gem Lab reports are highly regarded by the jewellery and gem trade all over the world. As primarily scientific documents, these reports do not comment on the quality of the gemstones, but disclose their identity, authenticity, as well as geographic origin whenever possible. They also arrive at a conclusion about the presence or absence of any treatments of the gemstones.



For gemstones of extraordinary quality it may be worth going beyond the strictly scientific reports and considering a gemmological profile. This more extensive document is mainly catered to the end consumer and provides background information on the type of gemstone, its history and identity, its authenticity and origin as well as individual images of the gem's inclusions.