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by the Earth

The gemstones for Gübelin`s creations have their origin in the most coveted regions of the earth. Therefore, Burmese rubies, Colombian emeralds and Kashmir sapphires, among gemstones of highest quality from other famous regions, find their way into our workshops where they begin their transformation.



Every gemstone in the world is unique. They have inner worlds, like fingerprints, that not only make them one of a kind, but offer a whole universe of intricate patterns that remind us of nature's beauty and their origin. Extraordinary gemstones are handpicked by Gübelin`s experienced designers to study under the microscope. They peer into the inner depths and find forms and formations that are reminiscent of structures in nature, of the intricate patterns of plants, the elegant shapes of inspiring creatures and even the embodiment of the powerful elements themselves.



Inspired by the precious inclusion, the designers retreat and begin to sketch out the jewel in which the divine stone is to be placed and that recalls the beauty of its inner world. After deciding what kind of jewel this gemstone is best suited for, the long process of imagination, interpretation and translation begins. Considering aspects of aesthetics, and craftsmanship alike, our designers emerge with the drawing of what, in time, is to be the next precious Gübelin creation.

Tradition Meets


Merging divine inspiration with the marvels of modern technology, our designers briefly turn away from their manual craft, to translate a precise and inspired drawing, into a digital version of the future jewel. This process and the resulting three-dimensional print allow a first glance at the jewel’s future proportions and will help the goldsmiths and gem setters to understand the new creation and to prepare for the next equally crucial steps of bringing the exquisite design into the material world.



Gübelin goldsmiths are educated in their craft in Switzerland and have been trained by the most skilled masters at the Gübelin Atelier. In a process that can take up to 500 hours, the intricate forms and patterns that have been set out for the new creation are carefully handcrafted. Every link, niche and point is honed, beaten and cut in procedures that have stayed consistent for centuries. For the first time, the new jewel is reminiscent of its coming beauty as the metal is polished and given over into the delicate hands of our most experienced gem setters.


Gem setting

Every single coloured gemstone and diamond, sometimes numbering in their thousands, is set by hand and mechanically fixed by our highly skilled gem setters. This task requires utmost precision and expertise, because any mistake could damage the precious stones beyond repair, which would have devastating consequences for the newly born jewel. A truly special moment occurs when the centre stone, the source of inspiration and focus of the whole creation, is placed at its new place of residence.


final steps

After what can be over 1000 hours of delicate craftsmanship, the finished jewel is polished again. Every slight dent in the metal, remnants of a long process of creation, is cautiously corrected and the material is encouraged to show its full and gleaming beauty.

As the finished piece lies before the men and women engaged in its creation, it is inspected by masters of all crafts. When completely satisfied with their work, a certificate of authenticity is issued, detailing the jewel’s history as well as its composition, and the new born jewel can take its place among its equals as the newest in a long line of magnificent Gübelin creations.