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Greenland rubies

Sustainable gemstones

When gem-quality rubies were discovered in a remote area of Greenland, it provided a rare opportunity to introduce a new supply of gemstones to the market while maintaining standards in sustainability, mining, human rights, labour law, and product disclosure.

Sustainable Jewellery

The ring collection

Although Gübelin is already dedicated to innovation through sustainable practices, this new collection of five ruby rings takes that commitment a step further by offering consumers ethically sourced jewellery. All selected rubies and processed gold are derived from verifiably sustainable and RJC-certified sources. Each ring is adorned with a Gübelin Jewellery design signature ruby, all of which originate from Greenland. The designs include a range of cuts, shapes, and settings, and Gübelin Jewellery has engraved a polar bear on the inside of the rings in this collection. The polar bear is the logo of the "Pink Polar Bear Foundation". In addition, the engraving refers to the origin of the ruby: Greenland.

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The rings

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Ruby ring

Pink Polar Bear Foundation

Our contribution

Gübelin Jewellery is proud to participate with a donation of 10% of the sales price of this collection to Greenland Ruby's PinkPolarBear initiative. It is an effort to protect one of the world's most endangered ecosystems, and to support vital polar research and conservation efforts to protect human, animal, and plant habitats.

The Mines of the

Greenland Rubies

The Aappaluttoq mine belonging to Greenland Ruby Corporation is hidden away in the arctic highlands of Southwest Greenland. The 3 billion-year-old rock formation has a beauty that few have seen before and it is crucial to preserve this precious territory. When the mining work is finished, the land will be returned to its natural state. The mine's workforce is predominantly made up of Greenlanders, with women outnumbering the men. Employees have access to all of the safeguards and working conditions established by Greenlandic law, which is based on Northern European norms.