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As with all Gübelin Jewellery pieces, our talented jewellery designers find inspiration in the inner world of coloured gemstones. For the precious Blushing Beauty earrings they drew inspiration from the spectacular patterns found in the unique inner world of one of the jewel's centre stones; a rare 3.10 ct ruby from Mozambique.



The fascinating inclusion found in the ruby reminded them of a spectacular blushing blossom that resides inside the precious gemstone. To our designers, the rubies resemble blushing blossoms, while the diamond-studded ornaments in white gold represent winding twigs.



Interestingly, Mozambican rubies are among the oldest in the world, having formed around 450 to 750 million years ago. Yet rubies from Mozambique were discovered only after the start of this century. Within the past ten years they have become some of the most sought- after rubies worldwide; international collectors and connoisseurs value them highly for their exceptional beauty, charm and quality. These Blushing Beauty earrings feature two rare Mozambican rubies, 3.10 ct and 3.05 ct, perfectly paired in size, colour and class. The Gübelin Gem Lab awarded the two magnificent gems 90.2 and 87.8 Gübelin Points respectively. An entourage of  brilliant-cutdiamonds and pink sapphires surrounds six additional rubies adorning the chandelier element. This combination creates a gradient effect as a homage to the blushing blossom, ranging from pale to deep red hues.



The masterful hands of our highly trained artisans form the precious metal into exquisite shapes, reminiscent of the marvellous structures deep within the gemstone. Hundreds of hours of delicate workmanship went into crafting the elegant curves of the Blushing Beauty earrings.


Gem setting

Setting the unique treasures from deep within the earth into their new homes is a truly fascinating process. Diamonds, rubies and sapphires are set to embrace the two unique rubies from Mozambique. Among the many precious gemstones is also the single ruby that finds its way into every Gübelin creation. It is the sign of the Swiss House's deeply inspireddesign philosophy and the way Gübelin finds inspiration deep within the most beautiful gifts of mother earth.



The Blushing Beauty jewel is a unique treasure, which celebrates the distinct grace of two rubies from Mozambique of 3.10 ct and 3.05 ct respectively. The precious centre stones are embraced by 30 rubies, totalling 1.64 ct, 12 sapphires as well as 228 diamonds of together 4.11 ct. Thanks to the sophisticated design, the dangling element is detachable so the drop earrings can be worn as plain ruby ear studs or more festively, as chandelier earrings. The flexible design is a tribute to the tradition of haute joaillerie. 200 hours of craftsmanship went into the creation of Gübelin’s Blushing Beauty earrings.

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