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The masterpiece Blushing Wing was conceived and created during an extraordinary collaborative process between the House of Gübelin's artisans and one of the rising stars of the Swiss art scene, Miriam Laura Leonardi. The jewel as well as the art pieces created by the artist were inspired by the magnificent inner world of an extraordinary pinkish-orange padparadscha sapphire. They reminded the House's designers of the wings of a rare bird bathing in the reddish gleam of the sun in the warm morning air.



While diving deep into the rare gemstone's inner world, the designers at the House of Gübelin were inspired by the fluent shapes and soft shimmer of the patterns that lay before them. The wing like appearance of the final masterpiece recalls the look and feel of the inspirational inclusions and radiates with the lightness and wealth of colours associated with the beautiful tropical birds of Sri Lanka.

Craftsmanship &


This exceptional masterpiece is cast in red gold and has some extraordinary practical properties. Created as a necklace, this truly versatile jewel can also be worn as a ring. The centre stone can be detached mechanically and set into a magnificent band that has been created to match the necklace's design. Inspired designers as well as master goldsmiths and gem setters conceived and crafted this precious jewel with absolute care for every detail.


centre stone

Taking centre stage in this divine masterpiece is a magnificent pinkish-orange padparadscha sapphire from Sri Lanka of 12.10 ct. This beautiful cushion-shaped gemstone has not undergone any form of treatment, which makes the stone extraordinarily rare and highly sought after.


Gem Setting

Next to the wondrous centre stone, this masterpiece features a plethora of sapphires of different shapes and colours. 94 round sapphires, totalling 6.04 ct, 21 marquise-shaped sapphires of together 3.33 ct and 5 multi-coloured drop-shaped sapphires are embraced by 596 brilliant-cutdiamonds, totalling 10.83 ct. Every one of these hundreds of gemstones, among them the single ruby that is the design signature of the House of Gübelin, were individually chosen and lovingly set into their new home. 



The jewel Blushing Wing features an exceptional 12.10 ct padparadscha sapphire as well as multi-coloured sapphires and brilliant-cutdiamonds. Its design, mirroring the inspiring inner world of its centre stone, the unmatched wealth of colours in its gemstones, its versatility and its intricate but serene beauty make this jewel truly worthy of being among the select few pieces worthy to be a Gübelin Jewellery masterpiece.

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