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As with all its masterpieces, the House of Gübelin has found inspiration for the Palm deep within one of the mystical gemstones set into this magnificent treasure. The inner world of this 4.97 ct emerald from the famous mines of Colombia, called a jardin, has carried away our designer's minds to peaceful beaches guarded over by gently swaying palm trees.



Reminiscent of the magnificent wax palm, Colombia's national tree and the world's largest palm, these unique chandelier earrings set two precious emeralds centre stage. Spectacular shapes and structures, made from scintillating diamonds imitate the natural form of the tree and complement the two precious centre stones. The elongate chandelier elements mirror the tall palm tree and feature a delicate mix of cuts and shapes, while 32 diamond marquises recall a palm frond and a combination of step-cut and brilliant-cutdiamonds evoke an image of the light sparkling through the greenery.



Emeralds from Colombia count among the most south after gemstones in the world. They are loved for their beautiful hues and wondrous inner worlds. The two unique gemstones that have reached 82.4 and 81.4 Gübelin Points found their new home in the Palm. Weighing 4.97 ct and 5.39 ct respectively, they have been cut in the emerald cut, a cutting style that perfectly presents the rich colours and beautiful inner worlds of the gemstone of eternal springtime. Like all Gübelin jewels, the Palm features the single ruby as a reminder of the Swiss house's Deeply Inspireddesign philosophy.



Highly trained and experienced artisans created these precious works of art in the Gübelin ateliers in Lucerne. The Palm earrings took more than 200 hours to complete and required a unique collaboration of our most skilled designers, goldsmiths and gem setters.


Gem Setting

Presenting the two wondrous emeralds and complementing them tenderly with the many diamonds of different cuts and shapes was a task for the most seasoned gem setters in our ateliers. In a process that has been passed down from master to student and perfected over the centuries, the 111 magnificent gemstones find their new home in the latest Gübelin Jewellery masterpiece.



The Palm is a unique treasure, which celebrates the beauty of two highly sought-after emeralds from Colombia of 4.97 ct and 5.39 ct respectively. The two precious centre stones are accompanied by 32 diamond marquises of together 4.39 ct, 66 brilliant-cutdiamonds​​​​​​​ totalling 1.33 as well as 11 octagonal-shaped diamonds of together 1.68 ct. Designed with flexibility in mind, the Palm earrings can be worn as chandeliers but also as classic emerald ear studs by removing the diamond trunk.

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