Gübelin Jewellery's

Grievance Procedure

Gübelin Jewellery is committed to reviewing and addressing any incident or grievances in a timely manner and where further investigation is needed, finding resolution. As a brand that follows a strict Code of Conduct, Gübelin Jewellery takes these matters seriously. The following statements outline how we handle grievances:

  • Grievances are accepted anonymously.

  • Gübelin Jewellery will not retaliate in any manner against anyone who reports, in good faith, violations or suspected violations of the Gübelin Jewellery Code of Conduct

  • Grievances should be submitted with as much detail about the alleged violation as possible and with any evidence if there is documentation available.

  • Gübelin Jewellery takes grievances seriously and will address any grievance in a timely manner.

  • Whistleblower protections, including maintaining confidentiality of incident source upon request and treating such submissions in a confidential and sensitive manner, unless law requires disclosure, will be offered to those individuals who disclose concerns in good faith and in the reasonable belief of the occurrence of serious malpractice or wrongdoing.