In our quest to find the most inspirational and highest quality gemstones, we go to the far corners of the world. Many of those gemstones are unearthed from remote places and are mined by hand.  In fact, artisanal and small-scale miners provide the majority of coloured gemstones worldwide and that includes many of the stones we use in our jewellery. There are times when the political, economic and social circumstances of the country or province and the humanitarian and environmental conditions in which they are mined, can be complex and challenging.

We have due diligence procedures in place for our gemstones and work to establish provenance. We take particular care when our gemstones come from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Thailand. We, at Gübelin Jewellery, want to be a force for good in protecting human rights, strengthening the social, economic, environmental benefits and empowerment of artisanal and small scale miners and their communities. We mitigate risks wherever we can and are committed to being the partner of choice for those that want to engage transparently and ethically to solve challenges together.

When we encounter circumstances that may have grave consequences, we take action where possible. Therefore, we have decided to suspend the purchase of gemstones exported from Myanmar from February 2021, until we feel secure that our purchases align with our ethical sourcing policy.

It is our aim to establish transparency throughout our supply chain through the ethical sourcing initiatives we have implemented. In an effort to further promote transparency in our industry, the Gübelin family has initiated Provenance Proof: the first digital ledger for coloured gemstones. The innovative technologies and services are designed and available for every stakeholder in the industry who embraces transparency, from miners to end consumers.