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The flowing structures deep within the emerald inspired Gübelin Jewellery to create the Flowing River cocktail ring. Lush vegetation and rivers gently winding through the jungle delta – this image revealed itself to Gübelin Jewellery designers as they immersed themselves into the emerald using a microscope to explore its inner beauty. The inner world of each gem is as unique as a fingerprint. Inside emeralds, these fascinating shapes and spectacular structures are described poetically as jardin (French for “garden”).



The green of the gemstones is reminiscent of the Brazilian rainforest which lines the waterways of the Amazon delta. In addition, a delightfully sparkling pavé thread of 244 brilliant-cut diamonds winds its way around the cocktail ring, lending it spectacular reflections of light. Intertwining waterways meander through the rainforest, surrounded by lush greenery. The Amazon basin is home to the largest rainforest area on earth and is considered Nature’s crown jewel. The vast majority of it is located in Brazil. The impressive Flowing River cocktail ring invites you on an imaginary voyage to Brazil while documenting the journey to more transparency.



Iconic Ruby

The iconic cabochon-cut ruby graces each side of the jewellery piece. The ruby has a very special significance for Gübelin Jewellery, and it highlights every creation. In the Flowing River cocktail ring, its red colour creates a captivating contrast to the emeralds in their complementary green. The ruby is considered the king of gemstones and stands for passion and love. The iconic hallmark of Gübelin Jewellery also stands for the Gübelin family’s passion for coloured gemstones. The two cabochon-cut rubies were mined in Greenland, which are some of the world’s most responsibly sourced rubies.

Journey to


The impressive Flowing River cocktail ring invites you on an imaginary journey to Brazil while documenting the path to more transparency, a core value for the House of Gübelin, as well as the key precondition for sustainability. This is why Gübelin introduced Provenance Proof back in 2017 along with the Emerald Paternity Test, which the Belmont mine supported as a test partner. Provenance Proof offers the entire jewellery and gemstone industry innovative physical and digital technologies to increase transparency. Gübelin Jewellery also relies on this. As a result, the patented nanolabels from the Emerald Paternity Test document the Belmont mine, where the central stone that inspired Flowing River was sourced. The nanolabels, invisible even under an optical microscope, contain precise information about the origin of this emerald.



A diamond pavé thread flows around it and extends across the entire ring. The 38 specially cut and perfectly calibrated diamonds totalling 3.23 ct resemble a glittering river. Meticulously hand-crafted, it interprets a waterway, dynamically flowing. The baguette-cut diamonds are held in place by an organically curving channel setting in white gold, resembling a riverbed. With its elegantly curved lines, this diamond river is ornamented by emeralds.      



With the Flowing River cocktail ring, Gübelin presents a true masterpiece. Over 300 hours of work went into this elaborately crafted jewellery piece in white gold at the company’s own atelier in Lucerne. The centrepiece is the octagonal emerald from Brazil weighing 5,28 ct and is complemented by an additional 48 round emeralds totalling 3,070 ct, 38 baguette-set diamonds totalling 3,23 ct and 244 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 1,52 ct.

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