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In 2016, the House of Gübelin and the Geneva manufactory of Roger Dubuis jointly presented delightful creations based on Paraiba tourmalines. Gübelin found inspiration for its “Grace of the Sea Anemone” line from the inner world of a divine Paraiba tourmaline. In keeping with this theme, Roger Dubuis created the “Velvet Paraiba” watch, incorporating the fluid forms of the jewellery. Due to popular demand, Roger Dubuis has now created a new edition of this graceful timepiece. This new version is limited to 8 pieces and currently displayed in selected Gübelin boutiques.

Grace of the

Sea Anemone

The Swiss family-owned House of Gübelin's “Grace of the Sea Anemone” line is based on the precious inner world of a divine Paraiba tourmaline that now adorns the line’s lead piece; a mesmerizing bracelet. The white gold bracelet is set with seven cabochon-cut Paraiba tourmalines totalling 17.51 ct and 375 diamonds totalling 10.78 ct. 470 hours of work at the Gübelin jewellery atelier went into a bracelet whose perfectly refined craftsmanship promises its wearer the highest degree of comfort.

the inner world of a

Paraiba tourmaline

Gübelin designers used microphotography of this Paraiba tourmaline as their source of inspiration and created pieces of jewellery that incorporate the elegant patterns and structures within the magnificent gemstone. Organic shapes characterise the jewellery, nestled about the precious gems while simultaneously resembling the elegant tentacles of a sea anemone waving gently in the currents. The line incorporates its fluid movements and includes bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. Along with the lively and radiant Paraiba tourmalines, the pieces are also available with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, spinels or aquamarines.

Experience the new

Velvet Paraiba

The “Velvet Paraiba” is the exciting result of the exclusive collaboration between Gübelin and Roger Dubuis. Its lunette is set with 46 round Paraiba tourmalines, the mother-of-pearl face is adorned with diamond-set ornaments corresponding to the design of Gübelin’s “Grace of the Sea Anemone” jewellery. The crown includes a scintillating diamond. The inner workings and the watch itself are from the Roger Dubuis manufactory, which was awarded the “Poinçon de Genève” for excellence in watchmaking. This limited edition is now available exclusively in selected Swiss Gübelin Boutiques.

Deep Sea