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The outstanding masterpiece Flaming Grace was created in collaboration with the award-winning French artist Thomas Liu Le Lann. The magnificent jewel is adorned by an extraordinary padparadscha sapphire of 9.03 ct whose mysterious inner realm inspired the design of the masterpiece. The shapes and patterns inside the magnificent jewel reminded our skilled designers of the delicate movements of the venerable flamingo's wings. 



Glancing deep into the secret world of the 9.03 ct padparadscha sapphire revealed an abundance of feather-like features that reminded our experienced designers of the lightness and grace of the wings of a magnificent flamingo. Based on the inspiration from this unique combination of shapes and colours, the concept for the harmonious design of our new masterpiece was born.



Gem Setting

Flaming Grace is a unique treasure that combines the beauty of a 9.03 ct padparadscha sapphire from Sri Lanka and 54 multi-coloured brilliant-cut and baguette-shapedsapphires with 224 diamonds forming the gleaming feathers. This delicate ring represents the passion, knowledge and craftsmanship that are so deeply embedded in the traditions of the House of Gübelin.


Centre Stone

A 9.03 ct padparadscha sapphire from Sri Lanka embellishes this impressive masterpiece. In a modified brilliant cut, this unique sapphire shines in the incomparable orange and pink colours of a beautiful sunrise. Like all padparadscha sapphires that find their way into a Gübelin jewel, this rare gemstone has not undergone any form of treatment.



Flaming Grace is a divine jewel in red gold, which embodies the elegance of its magnificent centre stone. The 54 multi-coloured sapphires and 224 diamonds showcase the 9.03 ct padparadscha sapphire from Sri Lanka with their graceful and gentle colour gradients. This Masterpiece honours the beauty of gemstones which deeply inspires the House of Gübelin.

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