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Keen to share our expertise with the wider public, in 2013 Gübelin opened the Gübelin Academy in Hong Kong, which today also offers courses in Shanghai and Switzerland. Inspired by one of the world’s most celebrated gemmologists, Eduard Joseph Gübelin, the Gübelin Academy aims to share the company’s longstanding expertise in imparting passion, emotion and knowledge in the fascinating world of coloured gemstones. Geared to professionals as well as enthusiasts and connoisseurs of coloured stones, the Academy offers a series of modular programmes providing a unique fast-track training into the wonderful world of coloured gems.



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Lily Sheung

Since her childhood, Lily Sheung has been developing a deep understanding and valuable knowledge of the Asian gemstone market, especially jadeite and coloured gemstones, through her family business. Combining her understanding of and passion for gems with her love of writing, Lily Sheung pursued her career as a columnist for the Hong Kong Economic Journal. During her line of work, she has cooperated with many internationally renowned jewellery brands. Throughout her career in the industry, Lily has always focused on empowering others through sharing knowledge. It is her unique expertise in the Asian gemstone market coupled with her knowledge of coloured gemstones and passion for teaching that brought her to the Gübelin Academy in 2016. At the Gübelin Academy, Lily is responsible for developing the Chinese market and the international visibility of the Gübelin Academy, teaching in-depth gemmological classes to a wide public. Owing to her education at the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Diamond Member and Fellow of the Gemmological Association), Lily is well-equipped with the knowledge and skillset necessary to train her students in the most effective manner. Lily continues to lead the Gübelin Academy by her ability to explain profound gemmological concepts in a simplified manner to impart knowledge to her students.

Our Trainers

Eva Lee

Eva Lee has a background in luxury sales specialising in jewellery, pearls, and fine watches. Eva’s strong interest in these categories has earned her the opportunity to gain professional experiences at Chanel and Dior. Her strengths with customer engagement and product knowledge helped Eva pivot her career path as a trainer. By combining her passion for jewellery and gemstones with her education at the Gemmological Institute of America in Hong Kong, Eva is currently a Trainer at the Gübelin Academy in Hong Kong. Her focus is driving student engagement through her practical approach of teaching. Eva continues to refine her skillset as a gem professional to provide her students with the most current information in the gem industry.


Juliana Landman

Juliana's passion for gemmology started at the age of seven when she had the chance to accompany her father to the Tucson Gem & Mineral show for the first time. It was love at first sight, and since then, she knew her career would have to involve gemstones and working with people. After completing her education in Business & Marketing, as well as Jewellery Design, Juliana managed her own jewellery brand in Brazil for several years. Later, she moved to London, where she studied at the renowned Gemmological Association of Great Britain and worked for nearly a decade at De Beers Jewellers.

Over time, Juliana's enthusiasm for helping people grew stronger, leading her to become an accredited coach & trainer. In 2021, she combined her passion for gemmology and working with people by joining the Gübelin Academy. Now, she shares her expertise with students from all over the world in her warm-hearted and inspiring classes.


Annekathrin Pekarek

Annekathrin began her career in advertising in Germany, where she quickly discovered her organizational talent and a passion for working with people. After relocating to Switzerland in 2011, she joined Gübelin and spent nearly a decade working as a Team Leader and Supply Manager. While she had always held an affection for gemstones, her passion for coloured gemstones grew significantly after she attended the Academy Courses. This, coupled with her keen interest in science and history, made her transition to the Gübelin Academy a natural choice.

In her role as the Operations Manager for the Academy and the recently opened Gem Museum, Annekathrin expertly combines her strong communication and organizational skills with her friendly personality. She acts as the primary point of contact for future students and gem enthusiasts from around the world, sharing her passion for gemstones.

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