Unveiling Mystical Garden

October & November 2017 - Gübelin unveils Mystical Garden


In October and November 2017, the House of Gübelin celebrated the launch of its new high jewellery world Mystical Garden with invited guests.

Perfectly in line with its design inspiration, the fascinating inner world of emeralds and other green gemstones reminiscent of plant-like shapes, the Villa Heleneum on the shores of the lake Lugano and the Villa Wenkenhof in Basel were infused with plants, natural and floral elements as well as mythical creatures.

Raphael Gübelin, Influencer Nel-Olivia Waga, jewellery expert Katerina Perez and Wilvy Sy Gübelin.

An enchanting evening with magical moments awaited friends of the House in these exceptional venues, among them jewellery expert Katerina Perez and influencer Nel-Olivia Waga, where they were able to dive deeper into the Mystical Garden and into its design inspiration.

The highlights of the two events were the presentation of the mesmerizing Gübelin Jewellery pieces of the Ornament of Flowers and the Ancient Path line, unveiled by Raphael Gübelin accompanied by the delicate sound of harp players and the incredible performance of talented contortionist Nina Burri.

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