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November 2017 – "Deeply Inspired" - Fall/winter edition of our magazine

The Fall/winter edition of our magazine addresses our deep inspiration for the fascinating mechanism of complicated movements in timepieces, to the multi-faceted beauty of emeralds in our Mystical Garden world.

This issue explores greener dimensions from innovative perspectives. As Gübelin Gem Lab pioneers the Emerald Paternity Test to provide unprecedented transparency on provenance for customers, miners, governments, traders, non-governmental organisations, jewellers and industry experts, you can witness the most verdant landscapes in Zambia and its rich wildlife during the emerald season.

Fall/winter with „Deeply Inspired“ is also a time to re-discover nature as the landscapes transform around us. We explore green havens in an urban setting, from Enzo Enea’s garden architecture and Patrick Blanc’s vertical gardens, to St. Moritz where winter sceneries are hallmarked by the Arolla pine, native to the Alps.

Come with us on a journey of haute horlogerie, authentic creations, fine jewellery and explore nature in all its fascination.

We hope you will enjoy reading the latest edition of our magazine.

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