Gübelin values

The soul of the brand - Deeply Inspired

The House of Gübelin strives to be deeply inspired in everything it does. That means delving into the depths of things – seeking an ever deeper meaning in and a more profound understanding of its metier.

This notion of being deeply inspired runs through Gübelin at all levels. As gemmologists, Gübelin is inspired by the magnificent gems nature has created. It is passionate to learn all it can about them, to unravel their mysteries, and to share what it knows. In jewellery, Gübelin is inspired by the stones it uses, striving to tell their unique stories through the means of its creations. It is also inspired by the great  traditions of jewellery making, and cares – deeply – about its craft. As horologists Gübelin is inspired by the measurement of time. It is one of the oldest and most fascinating of human arts, combining aesthetic beauty, ingenuity, and great skill. A fine object, truly appreciated, brings us pleasure because it helps us connect. This inspiration is reflected in the carefully selected watch brand portfolio represented in Gübelin’s Swiss boutiques. Finally, as retailers Gübelin works hard to provide the best possible service and to share its inspiration with its customers – providing them with beautiful objects that will bring them pleasure and be meaningful to them a lifetime long.

Real beauty, it is often said, lies not on the surface but deep inside. In a similar way, Gübelin strongly believes that true luxury is not just about possessing a thing. It is also about understanding and appreciating its qualities, both external and internal. A fine object, truly appreciated, brings us pleasure because it helps us connect – to the world, to other people, to ourselves. To be deeply inspired means to be dedicated to the search for such connections.

Our values - essential qualities

Throughout its history the House of Gübelin has placed a strong emphasis on three qualities it considers to be essential to its success – authenticity, expertise, and inspiration.


In a very straightforward way, authenticity is absolutely central to the way Gübelin conducts business: when clients purchase a piece of Gübelin jewellery or a branded luxury watch, they want to know that the components are real, authentic. Among other things, the Gübelin Gem Lab, by analysing gemstones, helps to ensure this kind of authenticity. But the genuineness of a product’s components – albeit central to the business – only scratches the surface of what authenticity means at Gübelin.

Gübelin has a long history as gemmologists, jewellers, and horologists. Its repu- tation was built on taking the time to do things the right way, without shortcuts. In this way, Gübelin remains true to these time-honoured crafts and able to stand behind its products with pride. This is the core of Gübelin’s understanding of authenticity.


Gübelin also stands for expertise, for mastery of its art and for profound knowledge of the fields it works in. Gübelin is not merely in the business of selling beautiful objects, but also wants to share its passion for gemstones, jewellery, and watches. At the core of this passion lies deeply earned expertise.

Gübelin excels in three distinct fields: jewellery making, gemmology, and horology. All of these fields have long traditions and require a great deal of formal education and extensive training. The experts at Gübelin possess natural skill, education, and a deep passion for their metier.

Expertise extends into the Gübelin boutiques. Gübelin sales teams are highly knowledgeable and passionate about what goes into creating fine jewellery and luxury watches. They are keen to help customers gain a more profound understanding and appreciation of the products they are interested in, rather than simply pointing to superficial qualities or value, thereby revealing a deeper luxury.


Underpinning all of this is a feeling of deep inspiration, rooted in a passion for nature, craft, beauty, and knowledge. Because Gübelin is not merely comprised of jewellery makers, luxury watch experts, and gemmologists – at heart, Gübelin is a family of enthusiasts.

Gübelin’s jewellery starts with the gifts of nature, which inspire it to make beautiful objects. And it is the goal that these beautiful objects created out of inspiration go on to inspire all who wear and behold them.

Gübelin’s passion for luxury watches is evident in the carefully curated portfolio of watches available in its boutiques. As a retailer, Gübelin is honoured to share luxurious timepieces with those who appreciate this venerable art.

Gübelin’s Gem Lab safeguards trust in gems – but it does much more than this. It warehouses an immense body of knowledge about gems, knowledge that ultimately is the source of its inspiration. Gübelin founded the Gübelin Academy in 2013 in order to share this knowledge with gem enthusiasts in the general public. The wonderful programme of courses and seminars it has since developed is inspiring scores of new enthusiasts.

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