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Ornament of


Inspired by the fascinating worlds of colours and shapes, found within a green gemstone, revealing light shimmering off thin films of liquid, our experienced jewellery designers created the Ornament of Flowers line. 

Forming an ornamental floral arrangement, a multitude of petals form a creative entourage around the spectacular centre stone in the final design.

This unique platinum necklace features a round emerald from Colombia, 2.84 ct, as well as pear-shape and brilliant-cut diamonds. Reinforced by the particularly clear crystal for an emerald, its size and its impeccable quality, the rarity of this special gemstone becomes even more apparent.



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Necklace with emerald
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Ring with sapphire
Necklace with sapphire
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Ancient Path was inspired by shapes that are notable for their geometric structure, where nature displays its innate precision. Miniscule droplets, enclosed within the emerald as it forms, have adapted to the crystalline structure and now create a surprisingly exact pattern.

These geometrical shapes, in turn, were the inspiration for this pair of elegant drop earrings. A perfectly cut gemstone hangs suspended from a rivulet of diamonds, emphasizing the beauty of the Colombian emeralds.

These stunning drop earrings in white gold stand out with their two step-cut emeralds from Colombia, as well as the brilliant-cut diamonds. This perfectly matched emerald pair features a classically elegant emerald cut.



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