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Being the most popular of all gemstones, the diamond is synonymous with timelessness and everlasting beauty. While crafting these timeless jewels, our master jewellers and gem setters put special emphasis on bringing out each diamond’s lively sparkle.

Explore our exclusive selection of iconic diamond jewellery matching every occasion.

Wedding Bands

Considered a symbol of shared love and affection, the Gübelin wedding bands for women and men are meticulously handcrafted with the utmost care and exceptional attention to detail. Each of the House’s wedding bands is created for a lifetime of togetherness, following the romantic “I do”.



Very few things in life need to be as perfect and carefully considered as the choice of the engagement ring. As an expression of deep love, an engagement ring is a promise as precious as she is. Conscious of its importance, we at Gübelin put great care into the creation of every unique piece and only consider the finest of gemstones to crown them. Explore our exclusive selection of diamond eternity bands and solitaire rings.

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Solitaire ring with diamond



To commemorate a special achievement, Gübelin has created a unique ring with delightful meaning, given by parents to their daughters. The delicate white gold Premiere Ring is carefully set with three shimmering gems: a sparkling diamond at the centre for its association with eternity, a ruby reminiscent of the mother and a sapphire representing the father. The ruby and the sapphire are both set on the delicate band embracing the diamond and are a gentle nod to the importance of family bonds.

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Premiere Rings

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