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Inspired by the beautiful natural patterns of a padparadscha sapphire's inner world, the design of the Splendid Feather line of jewellery came to life. The precious inclusions within the gemstone evoke the picture of a bird, stretching out its wings on a warm tropical morning ready to explore the wonders of a new day.  

Deep within, this 5.60 ct padparadscha sapphire reveals characteristic shapes and structures known as feathers. The Splendid Feather line is an homage to Sri Lanka’s world of birds and is characterised by pastel-coloured sapphires, whose fluid arrangement evokes the organic structures within the padparadschas.

A flow of fancy coloured sapphires is surrounding the magical centre stone, held softly in place by diamond studded feathers. In the Gübelin Jewellery atelier, experienced craftsmen and designers created this spectacular bangle that features a Sri Lankan padparadscha sapphire as a centrepiece.



Ring with padparadscha sapphire
Earrings with padparadscha sapphires
Necklace with padparadscha sapphire
Ring with padparadscha sapphire



With the Lily Dew line, Gübelin Jewellery expands its Aurora world, incorporating even more facets. Gübelin Jewellery started by interpreting the photomicrography of an impressive padparadscha from Sri Lanka. The designs of the jewellery pieces from the Aurora world are inspired by the inner world of this highly prized variety of sapphire.

The structures deep within the padparadscha reminded the Gübelin Jewellery designers of delicate drops of dew on a lily, glistening in the morning sun. Lily Dew is characterised by cabochon-cut coloured gems combined with sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds.

Floral motifs have a long tradition in the history of jewellery. For Lily Dew, designers delved deep into the archives and drew inspiration from the rich history of the House and its earlier creations, lending them a contemporary interpretation. This can be seen in how brilliant-cut diamonds in pavé thread outline the five-petalled blossoms, while coloured sapphires or tourmalines, in combination with the iconic ruby, transcend the boundaries of the classical style of setting. Gracing the outermost petals, they seem to float, expanding the dimensions of the ring.

The Masterpiece

Rising Lotus

Experience the story of the Aurora World's first masterpiece: Rising Lotus.