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Ornament of flowers

Sapphire Ring

This stunning Ornament of Flowers ring is crafted from platinum and features an impressive 10 ct oval sapphire from Madagascar. The centre stone is surrounded by a delicate arrangement of pear-shaped diamonds totalling 2.77 ct, as well as 70 brilliant-cut diamonds. The intricate design features a beautiful floral arrangement inspired by the fascinating inner worlds found within a precious gemstone.

Lily Dew

Paraiba Tourmaline collection

Our Lily Dew collection's tender and glamorous flower blossoms sparkle in our newest addition in the radiant blue of the rare paraiba tourmaline. The collection's cabochon-cut gems are combined with brilliant-cut diamonds to create a glamorous and playful look. Whether dressing up for a special occasion or adding a touch of luxury to your everyday wardrobe, the Lily Dew collection is sure to draw admiring eyes.

Grace of the sea anemone

Paraiba Tourmaline Bracelet

Each and every paraiba tourmaline in this astonishing Grace of the Sea Anemone bracelet radiates pure splendour, transporting you to a world of beauty and serenity. Its delicate design by Gübelin Jewellery was inspired by the inner world of a shimmering Paraiba tourmaline and reflects the beautiful colours of the sea.

Sparks of fire

Tanzanite & Aquamarine Collection

Gübelin Jewellery's Sparks of Fire line is inspired by the magnificent colours, shapes, and sparks found within a ruby. Our talented designers discovered a delicate play of lights within the stone, reminiscent of a brilliant fireworks display. This collection includes stunning jewellery pieces with the blue stones aquamarine and tanzanite. A truly beautiful combination of blue hues with a guarantee to captivate anyone who beholds it.

Gübelin Jewellery's

Design Signature

Every Gübelin Jewellery piece carries a ruby as our design signature. Whether as a focal point or gently hidden in the jewel, discover the magnificent rubies set into every precious Gübelin creation. The King of Gemstones is full of enchanting significance and always inspires us deeply in the creation of our precious jewellery.