Swiss passion

This is a land of traditions and contrasts. Contrasts show themselves in the wide open spaces of the landscape with its almost infinite palette of green, here and there with dabs of grey from a rock, a dry stone wall or a vale.  

Traditions are hidden away behind workbenches and behind the facades with their row upon row of windows, some of which still bear a revered name. Here at the heart of Watch Valley, spurred by the tide of events in the eighteenth century, watchmaking has made the Jura, and Le Noirmont, its second home.

Still today the foremost master watchmakers are established here, in a region whose name is admired throughout the world. To come here is to experience an immersion in time… in its element. This cultural heritage becomes one with the watchmaker who is heir to savoir-faire which he perpetuates while continuing to add new expertise.

Established in 1931 and now settled in Le Noirmont, Louis Erard has made these values its strength. Five flagship collections, four of which are entirely mechanical, demonstrate this unwavering commitment to Swiss-Made. They make up a world of classic, refined timepieces for men and women, some with in-house complications, expressed through a finely honed aesthetic.


  • 1931


    For collectors and Haute Horlogerie connoisseurs.

  • Emotion


    For the active woman of distinguished elegance.

  • Excellence


    For admirers of neoclassical watchmaking.

  • Héritage


  • Romance


    For sophisticated, authentic women.

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Louis Erard is available in our boutique in Lucerne or upon appointment.