Glashütte Original

German Watchmaking Art since 1845

With a rich history of more than 170 years of tradition and incomparable expertise, Glashütte Original is an homage to the finest in watchmaking.  

Thanks to the skills and the infinite patience of its talented craftsmen, the manufactory has achieved unparalleled success in designing and creating their own watch movements and dials. Even the simplest Glashütte Original timepieces require several hours to assemble.

More elaborate movements, with complications such as chronographs or tourbillons can take considerably longer and can involve as many as twenty working days. Glashütte Original has always felt an inherent responsibility to pass on its specialised knowledge.

For that reason, in 2002 the brand established the “Alfred Helwig” School of Watchmaking which is known to be one of the best training schools in the industry. The expertise in watch- and toolmaking is passed on from one generation to the next generation with great pride – just like their fine watches.


  • Art & Technik

    Art & Technik

    Art & Technik refers to the worldwide reputation for excellence enjoyed by German technology and manufacturing, combined with characteristic design aesthetics that give watches from Glashütte Original an unmistakably German and distinguished look and feel.

  • Quintessentials


    Concerning their design, construction and mechanics, the watches of this collection represent the “quintessence” of the craft of watchmaking in Glashütte: classical yet original movements beautifully realized with keen attention to detail and to the strictest quality standards and specifications. Quintessentials embody a deep respect for traditional approaches to design.

  • 20th Century Vintage

    20th Century Vintage

    As different as the watches of this collection may seem, there is one common denominator to all of them: All models express the unique flair of a special era. The 1960s have left their traces and were a time of new ideals, personal and political revolutions turned this decade into an era of self-confidence and creativity. The 1970s equally have a special “something” that influenced art and design in a very characteristic way.

  • Lady Collection

    Lady Collection

    Since true beauty is timeless, Glashütte Original’s Lady Collection does not follow fast moving fashion trends but applies classical elements in a feminine and innovative way. The Lady Serenade edition, for example, combines highly precise mechanics with an irresistibly feminine look.

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