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Since 130 years, Edox imagines, produces and distributes Swiss-made and hand-assembled timepieces.  

The Les Genevez based factory is operated with skilled Swiss watchmakers and modern equipment, respecting the tradition and the know-how of its elders. Assembled by master watch makers, engineered for champions: for more than 130 years, Edox watches have combined ultimate precision with ingenious solutions – even for the most demanding activities: be it above or below the water surface, in the eternal ice or even on glowing desert sand, any timing instrument from Edox carrying the legendary hourglass logo will meet even the highest demands of its owner.

One of the reasons and at the same time one of Edox strength lies in the construction and build quality of our watch cases: from additional case-backs, ultra-complex cases to patented crown seals and guards, Edox has truly mastered the art of bringing together function and design. Or in other words: engineering a watch case consisting of up to 20 single components is probably the best proof of how serious we are when it comes to accomplishing perfection in every detail. Which means that as an owner of an Edox you will ultimately benefit from more robustness, quality and increased comfort.


  • Grand Ocean

    Grand Ocean

    Grand Ocean collection is intrinsically linked to yachting and water world. It is also the emblematic watch of the Extreme Sailing Series™ championship, a stadium racing format involving Extreme 40 catamarans. These races are taking place from January to December on all seas of the globe

  • Chronoffshore-1


    Offshore pilots are real heroes of extreme water races. They have to keep their nerves under all circumstances, have perfect timing reaction and ensure the perfect race and aim for the title. The speed sometimes reaches a breathtaking 270km/h. What pilots often say is “What you see in front of you is already history”.

  • Chronorally


    Rally pilots, such as Edox ambassador and WRC pilot Martin Prokop from Czech Republic, are enduring very hard conditions: heat, dust, mud, sand… For professional pilots and all rally aficionados, wearing a Chronorally timepiece means a lot in terms of quality. Chronorally collection is built to withstand these harsh environment conditions.

  • Delfin


    The Delfin collection was first launched in 1965 and used revolutionary inside parts in order to withstand an impressive water resistance of 200 meters. Nowadays, this special equipment is still featured in Edox timepieces.

  • LaPassion


    When master watchmaker Christian Ruefli-Flury made a pocket watch for his wife Pauline, she influenced him to set up his own watch making company - Edox. It was a decision fuelled by vision, expertise - and love.

  • Les Bémonts

    Les Bémonts

    Farmers in summer working the soil in the fields or breeding their cattle, our predecessors began working as watchmakers during the harsh winter months in order to make some money to sustain during the coldest period of the year. Getting more and more professional and developing their skills, the former farmers slowly became highly skilled watchmakers.

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