Marine tradition

In retrospect, it is clear that John Arnold was one of the greatest watchmakers who ever lived and that he, together with Abraham-Louis Breguet, largely invented the modern mechanical watch. From the outset, the brand combined traditional watchmaking skills with innovative flair. Today, our watchmakers uphold that heritage, creating complicated, original movements with state-of-the-art technologies and materials to produce exquisitely crafted timepieces. Based on the history of Arnold & Son the range is divided into two distinct segments:
The Royal Collection and the Instrument Collection. The Royal Collection is a reflection of elegance and sophistication in the inimitable English style, and has been extended to include several new models. It was inspired by and pays tribute to the timepieces made by John Arnold for King George III and members of the royal court.
The Instrument Collection, on the other hand, was inspired by the timepieces developed when John Arnold and his son Roger focused on chronometry and helped solve the problem of determining longitude at sea. So successful were they that Arnold & Son became principal suppliers of marine chronometers to the British Royal Navy.

All these achievements are reflected in the unending quest to create exceptional timepieces that are true to the brand’s heritage and meet the needs and expectations of discerning
watch lovers the world over.


  • Eight-Day Royal Navy

    Eight-Day Royal Navy

    Demonstrating its rich British history and quality Swiss craftsmanship, Arnold & Son unveils the beautiful Eight-Day Royal Navy. The watch is a testament to Arnold & Son's tradition of building marine chronometers. With a stunning new eight-day power reserve movement, it is part of the sophisticated Royal Collection that took its inspiration from the timepieces commissioned by King George III.

  • Nebula


    The three-dimensional, openwork movement and dial of the Nebula offer views into the very heart of the in-house manufacture calibre. Two mainspring barrels providing a healthy 90 hours power reserve at the top, find near-mirror symmetry with the small seconds display and dial-side balance below.

  • HMS Lady

    HMS Lady

    Simple as it may appear, the HMS Lady is an example of the perfection towards which Arnold & Son strives. At first glance, it is clearly a scaled-down version of the HMS1 designed for a slender female wrist. On further inspection, however, it turns out that the proportions are also identical because the small seconds display is in precisely the correct position relative to all the other features on the dial.

  • Time Pyramid

    Time Pyramid

    Deftly demonstrating its British heritage and ingenuity in watchmaking, Arnold & Son unveils a totally new watch movement with unique architecture: the original Time Pyramid wristwatch. With a skeletonized pyramid-shaped movement seemingly floating between two sapphire crystals, the Time Pyramid is a masterful rendition of technical prowess and unparalleled elegance. This superbly engineered wristwatch is part of the brand's Instrument Collection that combines instrument precision with classical styling.

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