Deep Sea

Deep Sea

The mysterious depths of the all-encompassing sea, as reflected in the inner depths of blue gemstones and described by our pioneer Eduard Josef Gübelin, are the inspiration for our new Deep Sea world of rings, earrings and necklaces.

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Pioneer Pieces

Glowing Jellyfish

Eduard Josef Gübelin united science and art in ways that few had done before. His mesmerizing gemstone inclusion pictures and eloquent descriptions are the basis of Gübelin’s deep inspiration and creativity. This exquisite collection from the House of Gübelin is inspired by the unique inclusions contained within a precious sapphire published in the famous “Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones”. The platinum ring of the Glowing Jellyfish Pioneer line features an oval sapphire from Kashmir, 3.78 ct, and four pear-shape sapphires totalling 0.30 ct, as well as eight pear-shape diamonds totalling 3.81 ct and 82 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.51 ct. Untreated sapphires from Kashmir are rarely offered for sale. This piece features a very unique light colour for a Kashmir stone.

  • Zircon crystals, like the one in the middle of this inclusion photo, are common in sapphires. Here, tension cracks emanate from the crystal, emphasizing the dynamic, explosive centre.

  • The image recalls the waiflike grandeur of these jellyfish floating dreamlike through the deep, the intense blue of their fragile silhouettes dramatically set off against the dark background.

  • In the finished piece – a fine sapphire ring – the classic entourage is infused with a creative new dynamic. The diamonds move gently but suggestively around their deep blue centre stone as if drawn by a gentle current.

  • Necklace


    Glowing Jellyfish White gold necklace with an oval sapphire from Burma, 3.71 ct, as well as eight pear-shape diamonds totalling 2.95 ct and 18 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.26 ct. This stone is untreated.

  • Ring


    Platinum ring with a cushion-shape ruby from Mozambique, 2.39 ct, and four pear-shape rubies totalling 0.30 ct, as well as eight pear-shape diamonds totalling 3.06 ct and 92 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.38 ct.


The Story of the Seahorse

Discover the Story of the Seahorse, an exquisite ring from the House of Gübelin inspired by the deep mysteries of the inclusions contained within its centred sapphire gemstone. This platinum ring features a 23.23 ct, cushion-shape sapphire from Sri Lanka, as well as 32 pear-shape diamonds totalling 7.79 ct and 174 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.79 ct.

  • The curl of this sapphire inclusion, as well as the deep blue tones, conjures up images of the depths of the sea and the latent power of the tides.

  • Simultaneously evoking the shape of a seahorse, the inclusion is highly suggestive of both beauty and strength.

  • Equally inspired by the shape of the seahorse’s tail and the image of the curling inclusion, Gübelin’s designers have conceived a magnificent ring. In the final, one-of-a-kind piece, the two undulating diamond vertebrae form a dramatic spine for the fine sapphire at their head.

Pioneer pieces

Drops of Water

Edouard Josef Gübelin is Gübelin's guiding spirit, embodying Gübelin's special combination of beauty and knowledge. He was also the photographer of this beautiful inclusion picture used by our designers as inspiration for the Drops of Water collection. This white gold ring has a 3.18 ct oval sapphire, two pear-shape sapphires totalling 0.17 ct, as well as two oval diamonds totalling 2.06 ct and 24 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.07 ct. This sapphire is a wonderfully balanced, perfectly cut oval gem.

  • The apatite crystals inside this sapphire resemble bubbles or liquid drops. As so often in nature, the seemingly random arrangement turns out to have its own logic.

  • We find a hidden logic too in these bubbles of air. As they race to the surface they are met by razor-like shimmers of light penetrating into the depths, creating a memorable image of natural tension.

  • The subtle pattern of the differently sized oval shapes in the inclusion and the bubbles has in turn inspired Gübelin’s designers. That inspiration is reflected in the arrangement of the diamonds surrounding the magnificent centre stone in this one-of-a-kind sapphire ring.

  • Ring


    Platinum ring with a cushion-shape ruby from Thailand, 7.11 ct, and four pear-shape rubies totalling 0.30 ct, as well as two half-moon-shape diamonds totalling 0.81 ct and 74 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.43 ct.

  • Ring


    Platinum ring with a cushion-shape sapphire from Kashmir, 5.65 ct, and four pear-shape sapphires totalling 0.27 ct, as well as two oval diamonds, 1.08 ct and 1.05 ct, and 74 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.35 ct.

  • Earrings


    Drop earrings in white gold with two round rubies from Burma, 1.71 ct and 1.65 ct, as well as 22 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.70 ct.

  • Earrings


    Platinum drop earrings with two oval sapphires from Madagascar, 6.72 ct and 6.78 ct, as well as two brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 1.83 ct and 32 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.22 ct.