Wedding bands

A true celebration of love

Every true love has a secret, something only the lovers know. This enchanting line of wedding rings celebrates the intimacy and everlasting nature of love with its own exquisite hidden gem.

For over 160 years the Swiss, family-owned House of Gübelin has stood for a passion for timeless beauty, unparalleled gemstone expertise, and the highest levels of craftsmanship. Over the years, it has gained worldwide renown for its mastery of the jewelers’ art.

  • Heart-shaped


    White gold 3 mm

  • Heart-shaped with diamonds

    Heart-shaped with diamonds

    White gold 4 or 5 mm

  • Classic


    White gold 3 mm

  • Classic brilliant

    Classic brilliant

    White gold 4 or 5 mm

In its new line of wedding rings Gübelin’s unmatched skill and high aesthetic are on full display. To celebrate the unique nature of each individual love, the rings are available in a multitude of designs. Couples can choose heart-shaped, to invoke their passion for each other, or classically round, to underscore the durability of their wedding vows. They can choose between round or cut profiles at differing widths, and between settings in white gold, yellow gold, red gold or platinum. For added sparkle and joy, the rings can be adorned with brilliant-cut diamonds.

While each Gübelin wedding ring is unique, they all share one very special secret – a red ruby hidden under the band, where no one but the lovers can see it. The ruby, a symbol of passion and love, stands for Gübelin’s Deeply Inspired philosophy and the way that we find inspiration in equal parts of beauty and knowledge. In its concealed setting the gem also becomes a token of the secrets of love, be it some private memory, special episode, telling gesture, or other precious moment that only the lovers know.

For those who do not want to always wear it on their finger, the Gübelin wedding ring can also be hung on a necklace. Thanks to a unique loop – available in white gold, yellow gold, red gold or platinum, with or without diamonds – the ring is easily transformed into a magnificent pendant.