Glowing Fire

Glowing Fire

The passionate and emotional world of fire, as reflected in the inner depths of red gemstones and described by our pioneer Eduard Josef Gübelin, is the inspiration for our new Glowing Fire world of rings, earrings and necklaces.

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Wings of a Dragonfly

Our designers had the unique opportunity to work with this one-of-a-kind ruby. Looking within the stones they discovered this unique pattern of inclusions they used as inspiration for the necklace. Each masterpiece presents the authenticity, expertise and know-how of the House of Gübelin in the most exclusive way. It took the House of Gübelin’s master craftsman more than 900 hours to create the Wings of a Dragonfly necklace.

The one-of-a-kind white gold necklace features one of the finest rubies from Burma, weighing over 10 carat. The fiery cushion shape centre stone is surrounded by 13 cushion shape diamonds, 43 fancy-shape diamonds and 1788 brilliant-cut diamonds, totalling 19.49 carat.

  • Other inclusions are ‘feathers’ of liquid drops, which are reminiscent of dragonfly wings in their delicate netlike arrangement

    Eduard Josef Gübelin
  • Inspired by the mesmerizing inclusion of the Burmese ruby, Gübelin’s designers have derived two magnificent wings. Though intricate and finely wrought, they are strong enough to carry aloft the most majestic of gems so it may dance under the fire of the sun.

  • Arranged in an elegant arch, these patterns conjure up the fine structure of a dragonfly’s wing. Inspired by the inclusion, Gübelin’s designers have derived a necklace featuring two magnificent wings.

  • As an intricate example of the House of Gübelin’s design aesthetics and excellent craftsmanship, this piece of jewellery can be worn in different ways: as a ruby necklace, diamond necklace, ruby pendant, or ruby brooch.

Pioneer piece

Glowing Ember

Eduard Josef Gübelin is Gübelin's guiding spirit and his unique heritage of inclusion photographs and descriptions are the inspiration for our designers. The inclusion behind the Glowing Ember world was published in the famous "Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones". This white gold necklace features a pear-shape ruby from Burma, 2.58 ct, and nine pear-shape rubies totalling 1.62 ct, as well as 383 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 1.13 ct. Burmese rubies are among the most precious. This well-balanced pear-shape gem comes from the famous mines of Myanmar (Burma) and features a full red with no orange, pink, or violet secondary tones.

  • This intriguing form comes from a droplet of basaltic melt trapped in a growing ruby crystal. The two ovals, the larger embracing the smaller, seem to rise through the glowing backdrop like embers dancing up from a smouldering fire.

  • The inclusion evokes glowing embers, beguiling us and drawing us in. Here we find a dance of form and colours – threads of yellow gold, orange sparks that startle us as they flash and then disappear, and tongues of deep red telling tales of passionate love and hot emotion.

  • Picking up the double oval and ember motifs, Gübelin’s designers have concentrated on the concentric rings, the inner oval enlarged upon in harmonic repetition until it becomes a creative pendant.

  • In the necklace inspired by the inclusion, the double embers shoot towards the heavens accompanied by halos of diamonds like streams of sparkling flame.

  • Ring


    White gold ring with a cushion- shape ruby from Mozambique, 4.09 ct, and 114 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.76 ct.

  • Ring


    White gold ring with a cushion-shape sapphire from Sri Lanka, 4.05 ct, and 104 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.85 ct.

  • Earrings


    Drop earrings in white gold with two pear-shape emeralds from Colombia, 1.57 ct and 1.51 ct, as well as two pear-shape diamonds totalling 0.82 ct and 170 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.55 ct.

  • Necklace


    White gold necklace with a pearshape sapphire, 4.58 ct, and eight pear-shape sapphires totalling 1.47 ct, as well as a pearshape diamond, 0.19 ct, and 314 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 0.96 ct.

Pioneer piece

Sparks of Fire

The design is directly inspired by a unique inclusion photograph taken by our pioneer Eduard Josef Gübelin. A colourful combination of green, red and blue – tourmaline, ruby and tanzanite in calibrated brilliant cuts.

  • The tiny spheres in this ruby play with the light, creating a colourful explosion of interference colours like a rainbow of sparks.

  • The result is a fireworks display reminiscent of sparks from a crackling fire.

  • Gübelin captures these sparks in fine coloured rings, tiny talismans of the fires of creation which can be worn singly or in groups.

  • The Sparks of Fire rings feature colourful combinations of green, red and blue – tourmaline, ruby and tanzanite in calibrated brilliant cuts.

  • Ring


    Red gold ring with a round, yellow beryl, a round aquamarine or a round morganite.

  • Ring


    White gold ring with brilliant-cut diamonds. Also available with a round aquamarine.

  • Ring


    Red gold ring with a round amethyst, a round pink tourmaline, and a round aquamarine.