Gübelin's Worlds of Jewellery

Deeply inspired by the stone

As anyone knows who has gazed into an exquisite sapphire, ruby, or emerald, there are few natural objects as beautiful to look at as coloured gemstones. Yet there is more to gems than just their sparkle. Looking beneath the surface of the stone you discover hidden worlds of colours and shapes, of fantastic vistas and breathtaking patterns. These are the inclusions, microscopic fissures, bubbles, and striations that arise as the stone’s crystal grows in the depths of the earth, and that are found in most coloured gems.

A pioneer of gemmology

There was a time when these inclusions were considered blemishes. Thanks to a member of the Gübelin family – Eduard Josef (1913 to 2005), considered by many the 20th century’s greatest gemmologist – we now know better. Through his research he showed the world that the inclusions were the keys to the soul of the stone, revealing much about its origins and life. He also showed us how beautiful, mysterious, and inspiring they can be. Following his lead, Gübelin seeks the inspiration for its jewellery not just on the surface of the stones it uses, but directly in these marvellous worlds of the inclusions.

Enter magical worlds

In its Glowing Fire world, Gübelin’s exquisite pieces are inspired by ruby, tourmaline, and other red gemstone inclusions that evoke the many facets of fire, passion, and love. In its Deep Sea world, Gübelin creates high-end jewellery from sapphire, Paraiba, and other blue coloured gemstone inclusions, which recall for us the mysteries of deep blue waters filled with bubbles, sea creatures, and beautiful coral. And in its Mystical Garden world, Gübelin’s jewellery is inspired by emerald, and other green gemstone inclusions, with their marvels of vegetative shapes and colours reminding us of trees, flowers, and tranquillity. All form the basis of a design language which can be used in jewellery based on any stone.

Three main design directions

With the inclusions as the basis of inspiration, Gübelin’s jewellery follows three main design directions. In Gübelin Classics, the design language is interpreted in pieces recalling the great traditions of classical jewellery shape and form. In Gübelin Pure, it is given a more minimalist slant, resulting in youthful pieces of elegant simplicity. And in Gübelin Art, Gübelin pushes the boundaries of jewellery design, producing provocative, avant-garde pieces that maintain a timeless spirit.

Gübelin's signature

All of Gübelin Jewellery’s designs are also characterised by a harmony of design elements, which makes it easy to mix and match any piece. No matter the centre stone, each piece also features a red ruby, symbol of passion and love. The ruby stands for our Deeply Inspired philosophy and the way that we find inspiration in equal parts of beauty and knowledge.

However interpreted, Gübelin’s approach represents a truly unique jewellery aesthetic. It results in pieces that are subtle, deep, breathtaking, often surprising, and always directly connected to nature at her most creative and evocative.