Gemmological Profile

Gemmological Report, the Gübelin Gem Lab offers the Gemmological Profile. A more comprehensive document, providing background information on the type of gemstone, its history and identity, its authenticity and origin as well as individual images of the gem's inclusions. It also contains analytical details and an insight into the microscopic, chemical and/or spectroscopic data the experts at the Gübelin Gem Lab have gathered on that specific stone. A truly innovative product, the Gemmological Profile mainly caters to the end consumer.

Gemmological Profile Burmese Ruby Mogok*
Gemmological Profile Colombian Emerald*
Gemmological Profile Kashmiri Sapphire*
Gemmological Profile Burmese Sapphire*
Gemmological Profile Mozambican Ruby*
Gemmological Profile Burmese Ruby Mong Hsu*

*This is only an Specimen example of the Gemmological Profile. Depending on the gemstone, the original document may contain up to 40 pages of customized information and imaging.

The price for a Gemmological Profile is CHF 1000 if ordered in combination with a Gemmological Report or CHF 1200 if ordered individually.

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