Engadin Art Talks

Gübelin was main partner of the Engadin Art Talks (E.A.T.) in Zuoz

For the second time, Gübelin was the main partner and supporter of the Engadin Art Talks (E.A.T.) art forum which was held last weekend in Zuoz.

Swiss architect Manuel Herz at the E.A.T. opening in Zuoz.

As part of its sixth event in Zuoz, the E.A.T. art and architecture forum promoted the exchange of ideas between artists, architects, researchers, curators as well aficionados of art and culture with its theme of “Snow & Desert”.

Numerous researchers, architects and creative artists from all over the world (Not Vital, Julian Charrière, Subhankar Banerjee, Manuel Herz, Francis Kéré, Heinz Mack, Eileen Myles, Emily Scott, Hito Steyerl, Oscar Tuazon, Rüdiger Wehner) presented their own projects and interpretations on the topic.

As main partner, the family-owned House of Gübelin once again supported the idea of an interactive and informal dialogue between various participants in the world of art.

Poet Eileen Myles and art curator Hans Ulrich Obricht.

For Raphael Gübelin this dedication to culture is the logical extension of the firm’s “Deeply Inspired” philosophy. “Because”, says Gübelin, “our new jewellery aesthetic, inspired by the inner beauty of gems, is also based on an interactive dialogue between the people who create these pieces of jewellery.”

Founder of E.A.T., Cristina Bechtler and Raphael Gübelin, President of Gübelin.

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