Brave, innovative, provocative

Launched in 2012 and headquartered in Neuchâtel, the centre of the Swiss watchmaking industry, BOMBERG is a young Swiss watchmaking company who set out to be different in the highly standardized world of watchmaking with its audacious styling, innovative designs and provocative concept.  

A BOMBERG watch is more than a simple timepiece; it embodies a rebellious lifestyle, appealing to the fashion-forward man who is not afraid to make a statement.
Swiss made, strong, and unconventional, Focusing on quality and attention to detail, the BOLT-68 collection take the wristwatch to a new level opening up new horizons for its trend-setting wearer.

The collection’s name itself carries the brand’s DNA: “68” in reference to one of the most significant years of the 20th Century, and “bolt” to emphasize the collection’s strength and innovative design.
The most unique and disruptive aspect of the BOLT-68 is its transformative ability. Using an ingenious bayonet system with a trigger guard – an exclusive system patented by BOMBERG – the timepiece can be detached from its base and attached to a metal chain transforming it into a pocket watch. The chain differs from the fine chains on the pocket watches of yesteryear. This chain is destined for a pocket on a pair of jeans rather than that of a gentleman’s waistcoat. All BOLT-68 timepieces include the chain and medallion turning your exclusive timepiece into a disruptive pocket watch.


  • BOLT-68 Automatic Badass black nails

    BOLT-68 Automatic Badass black nails

    This limited edition with its luminescent skull and numbers which glow in the dark, its black PVD gadroon case with nails which add a twist to this unique piece. The strap is made of jeans type fabric with nails. The BADASS is not only a wristwatch but also a crazy pocket companion with the skull chain and medallion.

  • BOLT-68 Automatic 3-hands

    BOLT-68 Automatic 3-hands

    Always in a dynamic state of mind, BOMBERG looks for innovation and singularity. With special consideration given to the faces of this new line, the brand has achieved to design a truely avant-garde series. The structure of the new 3-Hands automatics is build on different levels, giving it an intricate, sophisticated yet sportive look.

  • BOLT-68 Chronograph

    BOLT-68 Chronograph

    At first glance, you’re faced with a timepiece that packs a punch. A classy, impressive object with the buttons and the crown placed at 12 o’clock as the first technical novelty. The face of the chronograph model features three counters plus the date window at the top.



    BOMBERG is proud to present a newcomer in the BOLT-68 family which will brighten your life by bringing on your wrist and in your pocket the colors of the rainbow. Elegant yet playful, this BOLT-68 CHROMA will turn heads.

  • BOLT-68 Chronograph

    BOLT-68 Chronograph

    The jeans strap of this revolutionary watch makes a bold statement, always in line with BOMBERG’s identity. Not only standing out with design and materials, this new watch is also crafted out with an ingenious bayonet system including a trigger guard.

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