“Jewellery: Materials Craft Art”

May 2017 – Opening of the National Museum Zurich's exhibition "Jewellery: Materials Craft Art"

Gübelin has provided the National Museum Zurich with pieces of jewellery, gemstones and microphotographs for display in its current special exhibit.

From 19 May until 22 October, 2017, the National Museum Zurich is presenting the exhibit “Jewellery. Materials Craft Art”. The exhibition covers Swiss jewellery from various perspectives and is divided into three areas: materials, the social function of jewellery for its wearers as well as innovations in jewellery in the 20th century.


One section of the exhibition presents the innovations in Swiss Jewellery making in the 20th century. This section of the exhibit includes Gübelin jewellery pieces from the late 1940s up to the early 1980s.


Precious Gems and Microphotographs

An entire section is dedicated to the materials used in jewellery and addresses the question “What is jewellery made of?”. The Gübelin family as well as the Gübelin Gem Lab were requested to provide gems for this section such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, tourmalines, spinels, topazes, garnets, aquamarines and quartzes.

Microphotographs from the Gübelin Gem Lab reveal to visitors another facet of precious gems: their spectacular inner world. One of the pioneers in the field of gemmology was Eduard Josef Gübelin (1913–2005), under whose management the Gübelin Gem Lab achieved worldwide renown. With his numerous publications along with the research tools he himself developed, Eduard Josef Gübelin revolutionised the science of gemmology and laid the foundations for the identification of gemstones.

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